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What is going on over the river?

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It does seem really strange that companies are having to take them to a winding up petition to be paid. This for a club that apparently have millions and are looking forward to get into the premier league etc etc.


With our tumultuous past it keeps ringing too many alarm bells, why some of their fans, most notably the Nottingham Post keep bleating on about how their future is looking upwards is beyond me, their fans deserve to know the truth and it seems that only the media these days can find out the real truth behind whats going on but again the Post chooses not to??


I don't wish them any harm, i truly don't, it would be really good for both clubs if we were in the same division, although they seem to have more than their fair share of absolute tubes for fans like we do to a far lesser degree but nevertheless they should be told the truth behind the bankrupt rumours etc as I heard somewhere that with the latest winding up petition from HMRC for £1.8 million that the total of petitions granted now total 7 since April which can only mean one thing surely?


It will be interesting if anyone has heard anything else regarding their financial position etc.





Number 100 on the list

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I don't wish them any harm.

But I do wish they would dissolve into nothingness, slowly and painfully.

I have a big smile on my face reading the tabloids over the last six months.

I could go on in regards to Nottingham Forest fans, and their condescending nature. I have permanent scars from school, family and friends.

Perhaps the glorious Nottingham Forest, could be the one glorious team with two European cups. That finally wake up the authorities, and take note.

Also the Nottingham evening Post have virtually everything riding on Nottingham Forest, so of course they're going to try and manipulate the masses.

No, I don't wish any harm :P

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It's just really odd.

They've paid silly fee's for a Championship side, which are not a play-off side and the money they used to sign back Wilson could have been spent on a goalscorer. Now, they're leaving their bills? Very fishy.... I hope it's not another case of Munto tho :)

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We beat F****t 1-0 in a friendly tonight if that helps?

Did you know they've won the European Cup, Twice might I add and you've beaten the fallen mighty? Oh btw, it's only friendly and doesn't count to them. LOL

Great result! Things must be shaping up nicely for the Millers.

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Whilst I don't like f*rest in the slightest, I do worry for them.

Unpaid bills being put down to 'bad admin' one or two times is all well and good. I'm not business man, but surely if you identify the problem, you rectify it? i.e by hiring someone who does 'good admin'. No?

I'd like to see how they are buying these players, up front cash? Or more payments after appearances, goals, payments spread over years..... Much like we did with Kasper.

Would much rather having steady, if unspectacular owners such as the Trews over these international lottery kinda owners. For every Manchester City, theres 4 or 5 Blackburns Rovers, Nottingham F*rest.

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they are renaming their ground, its so funny! anyone read about it?


Yeah i've just read it, I can only assume that it is another form of revenue from Fawaz so that they can try & comply with the FFP regulations.


The bit I don't get is the Kuwaiti City Ground?? Surely it should be the 'You'll have to make a court claim as the whole year is a Kuwaiti holiday City Ground'...

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It'll still be The Sh*tty Ground to me.

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