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Prediction League Round 9


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Millwall v Nottingham Forest 1-2

Sheffield Wednesday v Reading 2-2

Rochdale v Coventry City 2-1

Swindon Town v Sheffield United 1-1

Bury v Burton Albion 2-1

Portsmouth v Wycombe Wanderers 1-0

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Millwall 2 - 2 Nottingham Forest

Sheffield Wednesday 2 - 2 Reading

Rochdale 2 - 2 Coventry City

Swindon Town 1 - 1 Sheffield United

Bury 0 - 2 Burton Albion

Portsmouth 0 - 1 Wycombe Wanderers

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Sorry it's late this weekend. Had a few other things going on last night and completely forgot.


Millwall 0-0 Forest

Sheff Wed 1-0 Reading

Rochdale 1-0 Coventry City

Swindon Town 5-2 Sheffield United

Bury 3-1 Burton Albion

Portsmouth 1-1 Wycombe Wanderers


@Dan, @Joe Jones, @liampie, @GrannyPie & @tonyhateley - 4 points

@william1984 & @Canadian - 3 points

@Northants Pie, @Dripsey3 & @MuddyPatchPie - 2 points

@notts-joe, @Harrys_Mummy & @super_ram - 1 point

@4everapie, @hissingdward & @WeymouthPIE - 0 points




1st. super_ram & GrannyPie - 41 points
2nd. Dan - 39 points

3rd. william1984 - 37 points
4th. tonyhateley - 32 points
5th. WeymouthPIE - 28 points
6th. 4everapie, notts-joe & Dripsey3 - 25 points
7th. liampie - 23 points
8th. MuddyPatchPie & Northants Pie - 22 points
9th. hissingdwarf & Canadian - 21 points
10th. jurgenpie - 18 points
11th. Harrys_Mummy & Joe Jones - 17 points
12th. BradtheMiller - 9 points
13th. Ivansneck - 8 points
14th. Dana Shoup - 6 points


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No need to apologise @weymouthPIE I appreciate the effort you put in to this thread.

Look who's top,me and the old gel.It wont last!

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2 Golden oldies, at the top of the tree

Another 32 rounds to go (or something like that)

Not so golden-more grey and rusty but at least we keep trying :thumbsup:

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