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Summer cull of squad begins

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For me, Audel is similar to Hollis but without the last ditch tackling or ability to just hoof quite far.

As a left back I never liked watching him in that position, he defended okay most of the time but when it came to attacking he just always seemed to be running without any ideas of what he can do. Very frustrating to see him lose the ball, as it seemed he always wanted to keep it and run. His passing wasn't the best either, stabbing the ball with his foot was always prone to be intercepted.

His best position was in the CB role where I actually felt he was unlucky to be dropped.

Then for his size he really didn't maximise his ability and he would frequently be caught out of position, I suppose I haven't really rated him but I wish Audel well.

Think we would be best for thinning the squad out as much as possible and re-start.

Jack McMillan and the Luther Wildin have also been released right? Those where surprises, not so much the above.

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7 hours ago, TheFostarr94 said:

Mcmillan and Wildin is disappointing, hopefully they find new clubs..

I liked Wildin on what I saw in reserve games, a bit disappointing that he didn't get the chance to show what he could do in the first team.  McMillan was supposed to be a serious talent, reports suggested he was being monitored by a few big clubs including Liverpool.  Saying that, this was the season they should have been making the breakthrough, and neither did.  It will be interesting to see where they go from here.

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From the games that I saw, McMillan though skillful never had the physical presence and a "motor" to help dominate a game. Luther, on the other hand, showed for the Reserves, we had a full back that could cut out crosses at source. Less effective in an offensive sense but really disappointed that he was not given a chance under Nolan. Perhaps his recent article in the match programme, where he expressed centre midfield as his preferred position...a position where we are "over subscribed".

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I will only be disappointed in Audel leaving if we keep both Duffy and Hollis as I feel that he is a better centre half than either of them, plus he is able to cover at left back. I will be even more disappointed if we keep both of the above and do not bring in two new first choice CH's in the summer, as we will have no chance of the playoffs with this pair.

I'm not impressed with Notts's stance on first year professionals and haven't been for a few years. They shouldn't bother to offer any youth players a pro contract unless they are sure that they will be an asset and any that they do award should be given two years.

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3 hours ago, Fozzy said:

I will only be disappointed in Audel leaving if we keep both Duffy and Hollis as I feel that he is a better centre half than either of them, plus he is able to cover at left back.

I for one hope that we don't offer Duffy a new deal, I would rather keep Audel and Hollis. Yet to be fair, Audel and Duffy should easily be replaceable if we are aiming to be more refined as a squad next season.

At this stage its all about quality and we require that.

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Personally i think a ' relatively ' blank canvas is a good place to be considering how the last couple of years have gone and how generally the team has performed. That's putting a huge amount of trust in KN , time will tell i guess , at this stage i trust his judgement . Interesting summer ahead i feel .

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