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Pride of Nottingham website upgrade


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With the release of the latest core software that PON uses, I am pleased to say that the site has been upgraded and this will see the start of many new features.

Notably, this includes speed improvements and many things under the hood.

The default look of the site hasn't changed, yet you may notice smaller changes and @Chris is still in the process of restoring all the previous design functions. There are a lot of custom changes with PON, it should all be resolved by the end of the day. Please do continue using the site as you would normally.

Further SEO Improvements
- Additional E-mail features
*Stats, advertisements, unfollow newsletter updates without signing in.
Animated Gifs
Ability for guests to post before registering (This might be trialled to see if it should be used)
Store enhancements
- Ability for members to set up recurring donations to help support the community/
New Match Chat Design

Whilst these features might not be mind blowing or all that exciting, the upgrade will allow for further features to be added. We have some very interesting additions coming soon so please stay tuned.

If you experience any issues, please comment below what happened and how you came to notice them.

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As you might be able to tell with the topics now loading, I've fixed the bug which prevented them from being reached. :unsure:

Everything else seems normal to me so far.

The sites probably around 70% complete now, I still have several edits that I need to apply.

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the site loads much faster, i have not noticed much but i wondered why things seemed a little buggy earlier. i have noticed that the member picture is quite close to the topics on the dash board and there is some issue with the stores main page.

looking forward to learning about the new features.

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The site is experiencing some technical issues which are unrelated to the upgrade, it's regarding our content delivery and a major issue with a third-party service. I have asked them to fix the issue, as it's out of my hands, but in the meantime I have turned it off.

Things might be a little slower, but I am sure they will resolve the issue soon.

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Thanks for the kind compliments, still much to be done, but it's getting there. I hope to have good news regarding some much bigger features soon.

In addition, myself and @MightyMagpies will be creating a blog documenting our travels and project. It will be a fun insight into the background and we aim to keep it updated regularly as we have plenty of lines lined up. Keep your eyes peeled for more information!

The sites almost sorted at this stage, I just have to manually edit PHP files with edits that tweak things.

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The CDN issues appear to have been resolved.

If any members experiencing issues, please do post about them within this topic. You can also e-mail @Chris directly via webmaster @ prideofnottingham. co.uk (please remove the spaces) or alternatively use the contact page from the main menu.

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