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Ratings vs Maidenhead (A)

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Slocombe 6 - Commanding when he had to be

Kelly-Evans 6 - Got stuck in when needed and made a good clearance to avoid a certain goal 

Rawlinson 8 - Once again, puts his head in where it hurts. Aerial colossus. Could have had a goal if he stuck his toe out

Lacey 7 - So much better with him in defence

McCrory 6 - Got up the line on occasions and got stuck in

Boldewijn 6 - Was doing bits on the left and then was deployed on the right where is impact limited. Had a chance at a shot 2nd half in which he did not shoot

Rose 5 - Too many times lost the second ball and didn't go forward enough. Scrappy game for him

Doyle 6 - Was trying to urge the team on and got involved but like Rose, lost too many second balls

Osborne 5 - Not his day. Did well on the right first 10 but then was switched to the left for no reason and impact limited after that. Subbed early 

Wootton 7 - Held it up really well as he battled against the Maidenhead defenders

Dennis 6 - Made alright runs first half. Completely missed his header from a free kick. Nothing of note in the second


Tyson 5 - Didn't really do owt in his time on the pitch

Thomas 5 - Not much nof note 

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Slocombe 6 - Did well for what was needed, vocal and reassuring to see.

Kelly-Evans 5 - Glimmers of good, but overall just average. 

Rawlinson 7 - Solid at the back, he had a really good game.

Lacey 7 - He's a solid addition to the team, looks like a future captain IMO.

McCrory 5 - Average

Boldewijn 5 - Sluggish, he never got going today

Rose 5 - He got lost a lot and never gave a product with his passing

Doyle 6 - He got stuck in, did quite well. Nothing flash, just a steady performance.

Osborne 5 - He needs others around him to have a good game, he just didn't get much chance to influence the game.

Wootton 7 - He did very well, got stuck in and looked lively.

Dennis 5 - Average again but with limited service.


Tyson 5 - He didn't have much time on the ball.

Thomas 5 - Likewise with Tyson, limited time on the ball.

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Only Rawlinson, Lacey and Wootton played beyond a 6 ratings in my opinion.

Some would struggle to hit 5.

Just a very average performance by Notts today.

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If you can, keep the ratings coming please. I know fans that enjoy seeing them and the opinions. 👍

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Based on a mean of 5.5

Slocombe 6  well protected but one misguided throw out in the 2nd half put us in immediate trouble. Genereally a capable performance

Kelly Evans 7.5 Have to up the rating for that piece of superb defending to save a certain goal

Rawlinson 7 Battle hardened performance but still with occasional lapses in passing

Lacey 7 Reads the game well, dealt with their aerial threat and looks comfortable on the ball

McCrory 5 More defensive than offensive. Had a handful in the first half dealing with their wide man

Boldewijn 4 Defensive effort in covering but nothing really in attack

Rose 4  Ineffective in 2nd half, teams have targeted that he gives the opposition a chance of being caught in possession

Doyle 4.5 Better first half but in second, like Rose, lost the battle for the second ball

Osborne 4.5 Always looks likely to get into scoring positions but fluffed two good chances in the first. The heavy and uneven pitch seem to bog him down and diminish his effectiveness

Wootton 7 The ref gave him nothing, consistently fouled, the ref turning a blind eye

Dennis 6 Lively first half, but as team Notts lost it in the second


Tyson 4  Laboured, nothing of note

Thomas 5 No service to him when he came on




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