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  1. I was watching a few football related videos on YouTube and it got me thinking. What are the earliest signs for you, that Notts could have a good season?
  2. I don’t think so, but he can be a useful player. I think Neal Ardley needs to put him on the bench and bring him on around the 65th minute. Its a good way to get the best out of him until his form improves.
  3. I am buzzing about the signing, he looks a class above this tinpot league. I hope this is a sign of things to come by the owners, signing young players with a plan to develop them further. It could help the academy in so many ways, but I feel it would be harsh to drop Ozzy. Still very excited about the signing.
  4. Nice, this are proper action photos. Thank you for sharing them @Dan.
  5. Yeah, their keeper did well. Not sure about anyone else. Their strikers were ****.
  6. I don't drink obviously, I have been in the Broken Wheelbarrow and the person on the door is very friendly. Never been in the Navigation.
  7. School all week, Notts on Saturday and I went to the cinema today. Rock and roll life style.
  8. I'm being hopeful, I am going to say 3rd. If promotion doesn't happen this season, I am confident the squad can be improved to push on.
  9. Slocombe 6 - Reassuring presence at the back, good positioning but little threat. Brindley 5 - No real forward thinking, defensively good though. Rawlinson 8 - Outstanding again, he put himself in the firing line throughout the game. Lacey 8 - Solid defender, he looks confident and I hope Notts gives him a new deal soon. McCrory 5 - Average for me. Osborne 6 - Not perfect, but he applied himself and did the basics well. He would have benefited from Rose and Enzio if they could have been bothered. Rose 3 - Empty drive, wasteful and just missing. Doyle 7 - He did well, looked like one of few players who could have changed the game. Boldewijn 3 - Little effort, very clumsy and wasteful. Wootton 5 - No threat up top, worked hard to support others but he was in defence too much. No support for Thomas, just like Stead did. Thomas 6.5 - He worked hard, committed himself but a lack of quality service. Tyson 6 - He should be starting, has played on the wing and has more pace to offer. Dennis 6 - Effort but always limited with what he could do.
  10. Any offers or deals coming up? My birthday is coming up and I am thinking of asking for a couple.
  11. I wish him well too, just feel Chesterfield might not be the best place for him to go but he's off there.
  12. If they work hard and play for a good result, i am confident. We have looked decent at home so far in 2020, this standard needs to be maintained.
  13. I think so, with Ross Fitzsimons going out on loan I think one could come in. I would prefer a winger but a CM wouldn't be missed.
  14. Great news! It's good to know he's training again. I thought he would miss the rest of this season which would have been tragic I feel for both him and Notts.
  15. Welcome to PON @Catherine Iremonger.
  16. The club is nothing without supporters, keeping us out of the loop is not on. Alan Hardy brought the club to its knees even if he hadn't, he should have still provided us the information needed. I agree, it's nice to read the CEO's thoughts.
  17. I think the squad has a good balance now, I just think a few more players could be within the 23-27 bracket. The club has addressed the lack of pace which was an issue last season.
  18. I still don't know what I would like to do after I finish school.
  19. Notts played as per usual, well in spells. I thought Kristian Dennis did well to come back into the squad, Sam Osborne did okay too. No idea on the attendance but it was more than I expected.
  20. Back to school for me. Catching up on home work and friends, once I got home I just didn't want to do much else.

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