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  1. I joined Twitter just to vote for Richard Brindley.
  2. Playing on my Playstation 4 mostly, with a little streaming but it's all random.
  3. Schmeicheli Hughesy Win the League Moniz Beat Mansfield 6-0 & 5-0 Back to back promotions Brisley & Johnson
  4. How do you feel Notts will respond to returning to football? Do you think they will come back stronger, or suffer a setback due to the long absence between games? I think Notts will be keen to kick on myself, if the league ends as it stands. I think they will respond brightly and want to win the league, Neal Ardley might play this down but I think the club would be quietly confident.
  5. I would prefer them to only mentions things when they are aware of the outcome, maybes and rumours won't help. I don't expect them squash all the nonsense going round but the occasional update about meetings and how productive they're would be more helpful than anything we have had to date. I don't expect football to come back any time soon.
  6. Thing is, this benefits fans who couldn't make the game or live overseas which is great. I can't see them showing games Notts loses or plays poorly in, which makes it one sided. I will watch depending on the game, it's a nice idea but I am sure they won't show the home game against Barrow.
  7. Boredom is the worst thing with so much time, I actually want to go back to school now.
  8. When I turn 18, I want to join and I hope I can.
  9. This looks class! Brilliant wallpaper, would like to see some of the current players.
  10. Peter Shilton Gary Neville Bobby Moore Tony Adams Stuart Pearce Paul Gascoigne Steven Gerrard Paul Scholes David Beckham Harry Kane Alan Shearer
  11. Favourite Club: Notts County Favourite Football Nation: England Player I hated the most: The Arnold Town player that injured Jimmy Spencer Club I hate the most: Chesterfield Favourite ever player: Cal Roberts Favourite ever manager: Kevin Nolan Legendary player: Wayne Rooney Favourite ever Keeper: Jordan Pickford Favourite ever Defender: Dan Jones Favourite ever Midfielder: Enzio Favourite ever Striker: Shola Ameobi
  12. Joshua

    Hello Greene

    Hello @Greene, welcome.
  13. My first shirt was the Notts 09/10 home kit and I didn't really like it, not the design but the feel of it.
  14. I think they won't need extensions, I think the National League will make whatever they do up as a spare thought and just promote Barrow.
  15. Not going out/seeing friends in person/No school are the only differences.
  16. I am sure there's something reasonable that can be done, I actually feel Barrow was falling personally and if they gained automatic promotion it wouldn't seem right. At the same time I respect how well they have done, but I would say the same if it was Notts instead.
  17. Doing fine, I'm missing certain food and cereal to be honest but I'm not going to complain. Plenty to do to keep me distracted. It just gets a bit too much at times.
  18. Come on Notts step it up and upgrade fans to a free meal in hospitality, connect people after this rough time.
  19. These all look amazing!
  20. Doing school work from home and staying in my room most of the time, just watching TV and stuff,
  21. Good video, nice work with the highlight parts.

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