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  1. He’s a promotion quality keeper, his presence helps Notts.
  2. It’s a joke, I won’t be giving them any of my money in the future.
  3. I’m not that worried about it myself, I hope people keep safe but there’s worse things to worry about.
  4. Do we have players who can come in and cover, whilst the regular starters have a breather? For me, it's hard not to play Kyle Wotton due to what he brings. With injuries, I only feel at right back do we have the most depth right now. The centre of the park lacks creativity and on the wing we only really have Sam Osborne who can come in and do well, Sean Shields isn't very good IMO. I'm not saying we need to replace people, but perhaps the formation could do with adjusting at times?
  5. Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp should be inducted sooner rather than later.
  6. I am looking forward to the game, it will be nice to see what a team a few leagues below brings to Meadow Lane. I think it will show if the players have the fight needed to do better. I'm thinking it will be close, possibly a bit scrappy but I just hope the officials take control of the game.
  7. I don't use Instagram, I don't see much point in just sharing pictures. it's good for people who are artistic but not me.
  8. I have tried to attend both this and the last time, I won't be going to the next arranged fixture. I'm 14, using what money I have to get to the games. My parents don't just pay for it, I am expected to contribute to the fuel with those that come with my dad especially if friends take turns driving to away games. Its not just annoying but wasteful, the officials should be the ones contributing to those who are willing to go. It's their fault in my eyes.
  9. I think it just attracted the attention that it seeked, I don't think they're serious about it. It just seems like nonsense.
  10. I haven't been well this past week, just tired and under the weather. I still managed to attend classes, so I did't end up missing a day but after school I didn't do as much. It's not an excuse to avoid homework, I did that no problem. I think I only listened to some music, whilst visiting PON and the Notts site.
  11. It's a family club, I think that shows and I just like the realism of supporting a club like Notts. It's not easy, I am one of few fans at my school who speaks openly about Notts and you can be targeted by others who are clueless about the game. I feel sorry for them, as watching it on TV isn't the same. Notts is community minded, PON is community minded and that makes me proud.
  12. I am not sure, I have doubts about the playoffs as I think the pressure might be mounting on the squad. I would hope for a playoff spot, that should be the clubs target but I wouldn't mind lower if we gave our all to trying.
  13. I think every so many months, instead of a training day, the club gets together and does a team building exercise. Issue with Notts they can train on something all week, but by time it comes to the weekend its forgotten or not remotely bothered with. Notts does well if they start bright but if its an ugly game a lot of the players just chill. They need to work at it.
  14. Just when Notts looks to have a good squad, cracks appear. I think the biggest issue is the lack of motivation from the management team, they should have the players fired up and if things aren't working, why sit back until its too late? I can't help but say it, I think Ardley needs to be braver and more determined himself.
  15. McDonnell 2 - Clumsy and a bit lost, reminded me of Ross Fitzsimons last season but without real pressure. Brindley 3 - Struggled to get into the game due to a mixture of things, he wants the ball too much in order to work. Rawlinson 6 - Best player for Notts on the pitch, a few iffy moments but he made up for them. Long 3 - Absolutely awful, no point having him as a defender if he can't actually do his role. Kelly-Evans 3 - Looks a weak choice at left back, Hartlepool singled him out and he tried but he's clearly out of position. Roberts 4 - Very little he could do. Rose 2 - A zombie right now, well at least a zombie would attack. This guy makes defending look hard. Doyle 3 - Never found time to influence the game, he looked like he was babysitting all of the players. Boldewijn 5 - One of his better efforts in recent months, he defended well too. Dennis 3 - Nowhere near the game, he can't be faulted. Wootton 5 - Looked tired quickly, think he was made to do to much to early. O'Brien 4 - Added a bit of quality but by time he came on he couldn't change anything. Crawford N/A - Looked useful at times on the ball but a wasted sub made to late in the game. Osborne N/A - Ditto
  16. I think it should have add the former UKIP leader on, Nigel Farage.
  17. Joshua

    Welcome to PON

    Welcome @joeheadland
  18. Does the club ever do this with players from the 00's and 2010's?
  19. I hold my hands up, I thought he looked like a wasteful lump and I did not rate him. I'm not surprised his career is spiralling downwards, a player of his appearance should be fighting to prove people wrong. He seems content to jump from club to club and accept the wages offered.
  20. I do wonder if some fans just want to see Notts fail. There are a few who are just so negative on social media, @Wilfordpie is right some just can't explain or post anything other than stuff to cause arguments. Neal Ardley is far from perfect but the squad is still developing. Some just need to remember its one game, and support the club when results don't go our way. Ardley on the other hand needs to pick players who perform well in games, training is only part of it.
  21. Think another set back will happen, if Notts don't close the ranks on them I think we'll lose. Winning at their ground would make a change.
  22. If hes here in 5 seasons time, either notts has improved or hes not reached the peak of his football. i think he will be gone in 3 if he continues to improve.
  23. Would prefer to see a winger/striker sign, I don't think the club needs a CB to be honest.
  24. Avast is okay, the popups and alerts can be annoying but its free.
  25. Thing is, if the club sells the tickets at the same price that they push them out to early bird buyers, it does seem unfair. They should have lowered the price for those who renewed, then kept the price the same for others who purchased after. I believe our prices are very expensive, I know a lot of moans were made about being expensive for non league football. All this sticking together stuff is a bit daft, fans are loyal and the club prays on that.

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