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  1. I hope the focus on playing and enjoying the football, think Notts have a good chance of picking up another 3 points. Cal Roberts would rings round Eastleigh.
  2. Hello @magnot, welcome to PON. Hope you find what you seek.
  3. i like baking, things like shortbread and cupcakes but its not something i do often.
  4. Premier League and EFL games are suspended now, someone told me Mansfield still planned to go ahead but I have not read anything official. It's getting more serious now.
  5. I liked West World until the plot thickened towards the end, I don't watch much TBH, only if it's on as I am downstairs.
  6. This would make it easier for fans to get to and from games, but it could impact traffic in the city centre due to pre-existing changes. I guess we have to wait and see.
  7. Would have preferred an home game myself on TV, I think it won't stop Notts fans going we have a good set of support on the road.
  8. Happy Birthday Kristian Dennis! My favourite goal this season is the one he scored on Tuesday against Aldershot, just a superb finish.
  9. Good, he needs to be given more chance to start even though we have Damien McCrory back. The squad needs to be used wisely at this stage of the season because momentum is building and we can't afford to lose anyone.
  10. I'm looking forward to getting back to Meadow Lane tonight, I have a good feeling that a win is on the cards. Aldershot are a typical non league side, one which Notts should do well against. Creativity and service to the forward is the main thing, score early and Notts should control the game. My prediction is 2-0. Thomas and Enzio to score.
  11. I think Notts finally has this pretty much bang on with how we should be tracking players, some of the recruitment has to go down to the amount willing to be paid but finding good players has been better this season.
  12. No, I prefer playing. I find it boring to be honest, the career mode in FIFA makes up for that.
  13. I would like to see how things pan out, so with this in mind I would keep an eye on players for every position. We don't know if someone will want to leave, or end up joining another club or something along these lines. Tom Crawford for example is showing his worth right now, Mitch Rose seemed a better league two player than a national league midfielder, so I think he has time to come good. It's all about having players who compliment each other.
  14. Yesterday he did very well, worked hard from the word go and for me was the man of the match. He works better alongside Jim O'Brien in my eyes. That experience and partnership brings the best out of him I feel.
  15. It would be nice to add some silverware to the clubs history, hopefully we can storm League Two when we return.
  16. McDonnell 5 - Poor distribution, he looked very awkward and could have been caught out. Average performance. Brindley 7 - One of his best performances going forward and defending. Rawlinson 8 - Solid defending and organised others well. Lacey 8 - Great to have him back! McCrory 6 - A bit awkward at times to be honest. Bagan 7 - He looked good, would have loved to see him take Barrow on a bit more whilst being aware of his options. Crawford 9 - MOTM performance, he defended and got stuck in from the word go. Doyle 7 - Good block by him in the first half, he pushed and fought for everything. O'Brien 7 - Standard Jimmy performance, nothing special but what was needed from him. Thomas 5 - Tried but had limited service, he just chased and worked hard but nothing special Wilson 6 - The better of the two starters, he just needed to stay goal side a bit more for my liking. Wootton 8 - He instantly impacted the game when he came on, he did very well. Roberts 8 - He looked good up top and looked fired up. Long N/A
  17. I think they're similar myself, but until they have played a number of games together nobody knows how it will pan out. I don't see it as a bad thing at all.
  18. The league is where it matters but why can't Notts do well in both? The club has one of the biggest squads for this division. Focus on both I say but the priority should always be on the league.
  19. I thought in the first half it was only a matter of time before Barrow scored but their quality of finishing thankfully ended up being shocking. We built chances quite well, you can see that in the highlights. Cal Roberts goal is pure magic!
  20. I don't mind it as a sport, I can watch it but when it's slow it can be boring. I haven't actually ever played it, so I don't know about that but it's only the occasional game that I do see.
  21. If Notts can build momentum on the back-to-back wins I would feel confident, they will probably like they did last time. It's for Notts to be up for the game, wanting to continue the forward momentum. A good performance is a must.
  22. Great win, Notts dug deep and got their reward. I think we left feeling like we had grabbed the points but thats football. it was not pretty but its 3 very important points. good to have the game put tor rest in such a way.
  23. I don't mind some tomato based stuff, but I am not overly keen on it.
  24. We will have to see how things go, it sounds like the players are making progress. Most of them I deem important to the first team, just need to ensure they're 100% ready to come back to action.

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