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  1. i think its likely to be matt tootle, think most young players produced by notts would jump at the chance to play regularly as they want to kick start their careers.
  2. i hope notts can grab another win, think we have had the best away support in the national league. it could push notts nicely up the table.
  3. I wished the club would bring back some more known faces, give Notts a true identity.
  4. Good player but he needs to clear the ball better at times.
  5. Notts should have won but at least the chances came, fair play to Wrexham I felt they did well and gave us a game. It's been awhile since I have seen games so consistently at Meadow Lane being enjoyable.
  6. I think if the club could win a couple of games 1-0 or even by a larger margin it would help, it's still very early in the season and we are a new team in this league. The quality is there, I don't think the standard is all that different to League Two. It's how you play and control the games which matters, goals will come if you keep putting the ball into the oppositions box.
  7. I think some teams should take a look at Sol Campbell, TBF he did okay with Macclesfield.
  8. Quality player and he will only get better, he reminds me of a better Jorge Grant. Others might see it if he manages to start scoring.
  9. No frustration or disappointment, I expected the league to be difficult and I am more than prepared to give the club my support.
  10. There's a Belgium footballer, who I recall playing in a game for them in 2008. He's a defender/midfielder known as Mark de Man. How cool is that? His parents kindly named him so he wouldn't forget his main purpose when playing football. @DangerousSausage
  11. Taken from the official Vanarama National League website. 40 Year Anniversary: The 2010'S Season To Remember http://www.thenationalleague.org.uk/40-year-anniversary-the-2010s-season-to-remember-58238 I can barely tell its Lincoln City, yet alone remember this supposedly amazing season. BT Cameras Roll! Yeovil Head To Cumbria For Barrow Battle http://www.thenationalleague.org.uk/bt-cameras-roll-yeovil-head-to-cumbria-for-barrow--58306 I expect all those empty seats are sign of just how many care about this clash. And there's still more!! http://www.thenationalleague.org.uk/the-gaffer-documentary-premieres-on-bt-sport-tonig-58258
  12. If he doesn't not feature in the managers plans best to get rid before he disrupts the dressing room or becomes unhappy, its better this way for his career. If he finds the right club he could make something of it.
  13. We all want to see Notts being successful at Meadow Lane, I think it comes from the way the club conducts home games, they have to breath winning football and the optimism so that it makes things prepared. Being good on the pitch is only half of it.
  14. Fantastic result and a clean sheet, hope the morale is boosted from the deserved in.
  15. I don't think he's that special myself, just pretty average but I would take that right now.
  16. I am pleased with Tyson but the club needs a strong striker up top, or one with a lot of speed.
  17. Neal Bishop scores with Booty.. Same we don't have Bishop anymore
  18. A few wins, confidence could lift and anything is better than last season. I have the believe if we handle this season right, Notts will be a football league again in the near future. I'm not saying next season but in a few, I don't see why not.
  19. Both looks very nice but the away one is mint.
  20. I still think Kane Hemmings needs replacing, one striker in and one out doesn't seem like smart business when you only have 3.
  21. A proper scouting network, with a mix of different types of staff doing the observations would be good. I wonder if the club do different types or just focus on now and then?

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