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  1. I don't know what to say about this game, the past few matches have damped my mood and I don't know which Notts squad will turn up on the day.
  2. Hopelessly clueless isn't he? He can't be that deluded to think he saved the club and that everyone else is in the wrong.
  3. I went back to school. It could be worse but the five weeks off went so fast, now I have to go to school with people who take the **** out of Notts for being non league.
  4. I like him, but find his interviews to be pointless or defensive. Positives He has changed the squad and injected pace, making good signings on paper. Has given Kristian Dennis a chance to prove himself when most had written him off. Given Notts a chance when he didn't get paid [which deserves some form of respect]. Negatives Seems to be unwilling to work with youth players or others that could give Notts something different. His tactics can be extremely negative and far too defensive. Insisting on Jim O'Brien and Michael Doyle being the midfield pairing.
  5. I don't see why the club needs to sign any more players, the club shouldn't sign any more just for the sake of it. I think the squad needs morale and hope that they can play.
  6. I can't see either returning to the pitch/touchline, it looks like Toots days are numbered.
  7. Dortmund should do well, they cash rake money in by their recruitment policy.
  8. I liked Andy Kellett, he looked quality when given a chance. I am a bit annoyed with how Neal Ardley gives some a chance but plays people like Michael Doyle who offers little in most games. I have faith in him, just think its wrong to favour players regardless.
  9. So sad to see Bury go, I never realised they had won the FA cup or used to be the biggest club near Manchester.
  10. I have the home shirt, it looks smart with Lifeline on.
  11. I think this is a good move by both clubs, it will save wasting petrol and other costs which over the season will add up. I was told by a friend who is a youth team member that them taking equipment was an hassle since it used to be left at Basford, then they had to take it each time the team trained.
  12. Good signing I think, would prefer a younger player keen to settle.
  13. Small squad with loads of quality. I think the best teams that play good football usually have a squad age of around 26, Notts has a tendency of signing older experienced players and those who are out of favour elsewhere. Would encourage the solid recruitment of this season myself.
  14. I would leave it until better players come available, unless Football Radar can find a young player from overseas who can get Notts goals.
  15. I wonder just how many of the signings are down to Football Radar. I think the recruitment this season has been excellent, you can see the players settling in and what they bring to the team. Last season things looked good only on paper, most massively let us down as they failed to play well as a team.
  16. Regan Booty I think he will only get better with more game time and goals/assists.
  17. I have no idea what to expect, I'm just young but the clubs need to stay within their means.
  18. I don't believe the rumour, I think he was injured during the pre-season and has struggled to get back in because of Kelly-Evans. Tootle is by far the better defender, I think he's better at set pieces and crossing too. Just lacks Kelly-Evans pace.
  19. No, I don't rate him to put it politely.
  20. i think its likely to be matt tootle, think most young players produced by notts would jump at the chance to play regularly as they want to kick start their careers.
  21. i hope notts can grab another win, think we have had the best away support in the national league. it could push notts nicely up the table.
  22. I wished the club would bring back some more known faces, give Notts a true identity.
  23. Good player but he needs to clear the ball better at times.
  24. Notts should have won but at least the chances came, fair play to Wrexham I felt they did well and gave us a game. It's been awhile since I have seen games so consistently at Meadow Lane being enjoyable.
  25. I think if the club could win a couple of games 1-0 or even by a larger margin it would help, it's still very early in the season and we are a new team in this league. The quality is there, I don't think the standard is all that different to League Two. It's how you play and control the games which matters, goals will come if you keep putting the ball into the oppositions box.

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