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  1. Monday - Friday school. I went to Yeovil yesterday, and I haven't long eaten Sunday dinner.
  2. If Ardley makes a move in the loan market, the player needs to be versatile.
  3. Welcome back @hissingdwarf, plenty of new faces for you to get to know now.
  4. I'm hoping Notts don't get distracted but beat Yeovil, its something that can give the club something to look forward too. 2-1 Notts win.
  5. I think it will be a good thing, it will take time to see if it will be a benefit but the player mentioned looks too good for this league.
  6. Great to see the goals, Notts played really well against Chesterfield.
  7. I love horror shows and films, there's not enough good ones on TV in my opinion. I haven't heard of Shudder but its unlikely I can see it until I'm older.
  8. Kitkat but some people count these as biscuits but they are sold with chocolate bars.
  9. After all the moans, Notts are doing well and it does look like the club understand success is not just about now but the long term.
  10. Hope Joe is a solid keeper who can help keep the games flowing. Good decision.
  11. It's funny when you listen to people who bang on about being said persons biggest fan, but they only sing the popular songs and muddle the lyrics.
  12. It's hard to feel disappointed with how many injuries Notts have, if the club was to lose to Chesterfield. I think they will want a win a match like today, so they might play better than normal. Who knows? I can see them winning 2-1.
  13. It should be used with other methods, its the future but I hope Notts starts putting the same amount of effort into coaching. The club needs to have its own youngsters like Sam Osborune which stats won't unearth.
  14. It's nice to see the unity from the football clubs paying respect, I hope it goes along way to drumming some sense into people. Things like this shouldn't happen, its very pointless. Rest in Peace Jordan Sinnott.
  15. Joshua

    Lee Hughes

    It would have been cool to see Lee play in his prime more, but its good to see him continuing to play. I thought he was managing now myself.
  16. I'm looking forward to the day it isn't mentioned, the whole thing could have been handled better.
  17. Marvel is mine, it's just a better universe IMO. It's consistent and DC has so many different twists that it starts to feel dumb to buy into. Ironman is my favourite hero and film series.
  18. Its annoying in both senses, you get a small amount of pocket money to get some stuff for school or the way home. Then you cant afford a bottle of drink because it's like £1.65 and you feel hungry. Then you can afford a drink, but the bottles at small, it takes about 3 seconds to drink because you're that thirsty.
  19. Seen it on the new and online, horrible repercussion for such a young player. On a night out too.
  20. I’m not sure tbh, if cover is needed the club could make a loan signing but there should be enough cover.
  21. It’s frustrating to watch, the goals was poor in conceding them. Need to see better defending on Saturday!
  22. It probably eases things that fitz has been recalled and a striker wanting to play goes there too. It would be annoying to see wootton get injured, only for the same to happen again.
  23. This is good! Does anyone have any more???
  24. We will all sound biased but I honestly think if Alex Lacey can get a couple more promotions under his belt, he could make it to the Premier League.

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