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  1. I agree, AFC Flyde didn't seem able to hit a barn door and missed some easy chances.
  2. Good grafting win by Notts, thought the game was controlled well with some excellent build up play.
  3. Joshua


    Welcome to PON Luke @OoooooTommy
  4. Only thing I can add is that the recruitment this season seems solid, I doubted the club would sign many quality players but they all look good.
  5. Superb goal, well placed. If only we had kept him!
  6. Great picture of Meadow Lane with a thought provoking quote.
  7. I don't think we have many options either, Mitch Rose and Ben Turner are only two I can think. I might have given it to Matt Tootle but him featuring seems unlikely.
  8. Welcome to PON @Mitch Whiley
  9. Good idea, I might take part next season. It would take me awhile to catch up but I will keep an eye on the PL.
  10. I haven't seen any players in the National League that I would go out of my way to sign if I could, think there's some good players with promise but hard to see how Notts would benefit from them.
  11. I couldn't afford it even if I wanted being 14 but I wish the sale went well for you.
  12. I have accepted it for what it is, I don't see the point in being down about it. You have to turn negatives into positives sometimes and that is how I see this. Notts needs to learn to be better, recruit well and form a formidable team. I see this as the base for this season, there's nothing wrong with the National League but the longer Notts remains down here, the harder promotion will be.
  13. I want to get the green training coat, it looks awesome.
  14. I am sad to see Sam Graham leave Notts due to injury but I wish him well.
  15. I hope Regan Booty goes in for Michael Doyle and Pierce Bird for Sam Graham.
  16. I don't think it matters, if the player is a good leader it will show on the pitch.
  17. Shola Ameobi is my fav. He was class and a friendly person, always clapped off the fans after games regardless.
  18. I don't think Notts should be concerned about Bromley previous games, yes they might be tough but if Notts stay grouped I think they could find us to be difficult too.
  19. I don't think any of the players have been "weak" or massively disappointing, I do feel all the signings have been very good not just on paper. Standouts: Regan Booty: He was looking like he would be on fire after scoring, I think being relegated to the bench impacted this form a bit but overall he does look sharp when coming on. I think with Michael Doyle's suspension, he will shine more and hopefully find it out to be dismissed again so easily. Kyle Wootton: Started off slow but he's giving Notts a lot of height and movement up top. I think he could be a player who could score 15 goals this season if we play to his strengths. Jim O'Brien: Just a brute and generally good player on the clubs books. Room for Improvement: Michael Doyle: I think he's past his best but offers the team that important experience, he needs to avoid these stupid sendings off because it could have a negative impact. Enzio Boldewijn: I think Ardley needs to find a way to allow Enzio to focus on attacking, I don't think he should be the focal point or main outlet but I do think he's best being given some freedom. I'm not saying he shouldn't defend, I'm saying it should be balanced a bit more. Allow him to stay out wide, so he can cut in and take players on when countering teams. Sam Graham: We can see he can be a fantastic player but he's probably the most inconsistent for me, he's a tall player but panics against quicker players. If he does, he generally looks weak.
  20. I would accept being average for a season or two, provided the club used this to gear towards improving and challenging for promotion.
  21. @Piethagoram I think Dion Kelly Evans could be pushed on the wing, I think he played their whilst coming through at Coventry. I think he would be wasted in the centre, he's too small but there's more space out wide. Regan Booty needs to be starting more, he is the type of player Notts could build around.
  22. teams need to stay within their means.
  23. I think Lincoln will start to plummet now, unless they make the right appointment and I don't think Kevin Nolan is that man. They would be best looking at someone who has worked in the Championship.

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