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  1. I hope everyone is keeping safe and taking this seriously, it's not something that we should be ignoring. I'm curious what people are doing differently now due to the pandemic? Today I've been told that I don't have to travel to Sheffield until late April, this could be extended but it means I have plenty of free time. I'll be staying in Leeds where I go to Uni. My families locked up in various parts of Nottingham. I'm keeping in contact with my grandparents and parents via skype. They're all fine and staying home to be safe.
  2. I would add that it's a lot to do what has already been mentioned. The quality of the squad started to shine in the games prior to the leagues suspension, its just the away games which started to drag but I do feel confidence has played a big part in this season. The squad seems unified too, no groups and I would praise Neal Ardley for getting rid of those who stuck in their own little camps.
  3. Here goes... Nottingham Fourth Division and struggling Copywriter for a Sheffield based UK magazine Over 13 years Tenerife
  4. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @Rio Doherty.
  5. It's a bit weird that schools have remained open up to now, yet football has been suspended. They have to find time to finish this season, it would cause more disruption and unrest if they didn't. At the moment, everybody seems to be working towards this goal. It's now down to people to self quarantine themselves and stop the spreading of the virus.
  6. It would make things easier for those getting off at the train station, although I do walk to Meadow Lane.
  7. At least there's movement with the fixtures which is making it flexible to get this situation under control and see out the rest of this season. If it drags on, it might end up cancelled but at least there's ongoing discussions.
  8. Good to have him on loan for the reminder of the season, he has looked good but we've only seen glimpses. I would like to see him used in rotation.
  9. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @Alex, I'm fairly hopeful that the Reedtz can undo some of the issues which has caused the club to fall, if the club rises, in a strange way it would have been worthwhile. Sometimes you have to fall hard to pick yourself up properly. Anything else is like putting a plaster/band aid on it and pretending it will be fine.
  10. Third time lucky, it makes it sweater to leave having seen them play better than Notts.
  11. I want to see Notts perform better, getting a better result than they did in the home game. Once Barrow scored it seemed game over, thought Notts had looked lively until that point but this game needs to be different. What are your thoughts @chipmunx?
  12. It only matters in my eyes if Phil Collins is involved, he doesn't get the credit he deserves for his work in "Genesis". He's a lot more than just a drummer.
  13. Joe McDonnell is just very poor when the teams poor. He looks okay when Notts controls it but worse than Ross Fitzsimons when the players aren't playing well, not a confident keeper. I can see them snatching the lead late on, they may deserve it too.
  14. Just Ketchup, I don't like any other types.
  15. Last two seasons Notts have picked up way too many injuries, the training facilities can't always be blamed. If it's down to bad luck, something needs to change.
  16. Go there, get the job done and come back having given 100%. If the players do the right things at every moment, Notts will score and the club will return with 3 points. I might be one of the only fans who are sick about hearing about the postponed matches and how some constantly have gripe towards them. The officials have a lot to answer for. Keep the game safe, play to win and leave happy.
  17. I would question the sanity of any fan who didn't want Sam Slocombe back, but I do those who go on about Joe McDonnell not being world class. At this level two keepers of the same quality would be a luxary. Most League One teams have a bog standard backup.
  18. I watched Football Daily I think who mentioned this incident with playing Keepie uppie. Good read @DangerousSausage.
  19. It's not a bad draw, any of the remaining teams would have been fine.
  20. I still have to travel with Uni and work, I haven't come down with anything. I would worry. Yesterday I think 12 new cases were published and the press labelled it "sweeping" across the UK. Bulk majority belonged to the same family.
  21. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @Jenny Wakeford.

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