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  1. I've seen this one floating around in the past, pure magic!
  2. I read that Regan Booty is doubtful but could potentially make a return to the bench. Dion Kelly-Evans is still out supposedly, along with Damian McCrory at the moment but McCrory could make a full return.
  3. Marvel is the best for me, I like DC but they focus on drama and not the imagination. My favourite superhero is the Incredible Hulk.
  4. You can't judge a player based on stats alone, but I do think it helps when signing players within a budget.
  5. @gtownjohnno are you planning to go watch Grantham Town? I assume that is what the gtown stands for. As a Notts fan it must be good to see him join a local club.
  6. Good to have you on board @Darryl Broughton, welcome to PON.
  7. Rest in Peace, I hope the incident isn't related to him being a footballer.
  8. If he's back from his injury. It's a back issue, and I haven't read a lot of information about it so who knows?
  9. More people are becoming aware that food and products are shrinking, but the prices don't. Do you accept this as normal? Does it put you off the products or do you just shop smarter? I am curious to hear opinions on this.
  10. Welcome to PON @chipmunx. Nice to see someone sharing a bit about themselves, you will find most Notts fans are just football minded. Not idiots like those banter pages on social media.
  11. Good luck to him, I don't think his game time per minutes would have been attractive. I don't blame him for wanting to play, in fact I wish him well. Likewise, I don't feel as if the club pushed him out. It's just a simple fact over the course of the season we have adapted and unfortunately he's fallen behind the pecking order. His injury will have something to do with it, as before it Tyson did play well but at 38-years-old we can afford to be choosy.
  12. With Notts County piling up with fixtures back in December, the club managed to pick up 10 points from a possible 12; it highlights how beneficial mixing up what was becoming a stale squad can be. The previous month as we all know, Notts struggled to pick up points and fans including our very own Chris and ARLukomski called for the introduction of fringe players. Tom Crawford who hadn't appeared for Notts since the away defeat in 2018/19 to Mansfield, has managed to be called upon and despite being relatively quiet in the Solihull Moors game, he hasn't had a lot of football so a few quiet performances can be excused in my opinion. Additionally, Notts County Academy product Sam Osborne has made a return to featuring and did excellently in the FA Trophy game against Chesterfield, backing it up with another impressive performance against Maidenhead United where he scored his home debut at Meadow Lane. As the run of fixtures came in thick and fast, the club needed to adapt and allow for critical players to rest in favour of someone else desperate to get match minutes. I don’t feel any individual players are guaranteed to start, as this is part of the issue, when some regularly perform at a subpar standard. Alex Lacey who had to wait for Ben Turner to pick up an injury to start has been a shining example at the back, and he has grown already within the role, partnering Connell Rawlinson very well. With the return of Dion Kelly-Evans who offers a lot of pace, his effort to get involved has been an enormous relief to see on the pitch. I wonder, why Neal Ardley waited so long to introduce some fresh players to mix things up. One possibility I have already touched upon, that being the frequencies of how often Notts had to play but, it makes you question could earlier results have been different if it was sooner? December changed the mood in the supporters, reawakening fans and a real belief that the club can go up has been re-inserted into the minds of many. No question this will take a lot of work, with the return to action in 2020 only seeing a draw but that is a good enough start in my eyes, Notts won't cruise past any team in the National League comfortably. The fans need to have a level of optimism, pride and a noticeable amount of fight from the squad. December has proven that Neal Ardley can make successful changes, changes which need not be forced but implement as a way to keep legs fresh. January will rely on much of the same approach, with players who can be saved for the crucial odd appearance rather than playing each game and becoming jaded. If we allow Ben Turner to rest appropriately, perhaps he will be able to come back stronger? I think it would be harsh on Alex Lacey to be dropped, and I believe Connell Rawlinson has been superb in recent games. With the addition of the latest capture, which seems to be a real coup for Notts. I would like to see Cal Roberts take up the opposite side of the pitch allowing Sam Osborne to remain in the first team, development-wise Ozzy won't always be a standout player but provided he's learning. It will only benefit the club further. With the Football League's transfer now almost at a close, I don’t expect Notts to sign any more players, especially with Jim O’Brien close to making a return since his injury in December. I believe the squad has players who can fill in the gap, as Pierce Bird played well against AFC Mansfield in the Notts Senior Cup match, which saw Jim O’Brien return to action. It's for this reason, why it would be disappointing to see fringe players, not utilised more. We have more than capable players at the club who can partake in creating something unique, who are earning a wage but until recently have found themselves often overlooked. Insert a little faith; let's hope they can make a positive difference when called upon. Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
  13. Ouch, to suffer those injuries twice and setbacks. I think its good he had streaming to fall back onto, that in its own right is positive. It would be nice to see him get back to his football career.
  14. I feel a win is important, being inside the playoffs gives the players something to protect and fight for. Being on the outside and suffering setbacks can be frustrating, I feel that leads to teams struggle. I mean where there's quality, it can be useful but I do feel this is a tough division. The cup game won't mean much, but it should give us an insight as we won that encounter. I can see them adjusting and making changes, which could make it harder. I'm going to say a 2-1 win, Dennis and Roberts to score.
  15. Yes, it's about seeing the depth and ability in the players. Nobody saw the season where Kevin Nolan managed to secure the playoffs, the squad was just a group of hard workers that flourished with each win. The complete opposite is found with the 09-10 squad, we had good players, a strong squad. Players able to fill in for the regulars and more importantly the football was great to watch. Notts won't always have a solid squad, but provided the core is good enough, I would take that as the earliest sign for myself.
  16. To be fair, he did okay last season and became an escape goat by some fans who singled him out for not defending. I feel he almost kept us up, with some of his goals we could have been doomed. I feel he played some of his best performances under Harry Kewell, those back to back wins Notts racked up largely came from Enzio playing at his best. Yes, it's an annoying subject and he could do better. I think this mostly falls on Neal Ardley's shoulders, he needs to be a bit more hands on with Enzio. Explain what he wants to see, put his arm around him and praise him for the good bits. His confidence seems shot, but to answer the question there's no way the money can be made back.
  17. I'm not watching anything, I have my TV on but its mostly background noise as I work on things. I would welcome suggestions though?
  18. I fear 7th will be the final position for Notts. It wouldn't be bad, but Neal Ardley does have time to inject quality into the squad and I am hoping Cal Roberts can offer some of this. I'd accept anywhere above the relegation zone, I think Notts have done well this season but I do feel forward momentum requires to be pushed.
  19. Great piece! Solihull Moors is personally the worst away ground that I have been to this season, I haven't managed to make a lot due to work and Uni. With the hype of the game I thought it would be good, yet the ground isn't fit for purpose.
  20. I am genuinely exciting as when he played against Notts the other season, he looked like a bright spark in the Newcastle squad. People shouldn't judge Cal Roberts as a finished product, more a player that needs shaping and assisting to bring out the best of him. Almost like a diamond in the dirt, but he does look like a quality signing. I will be keen to see him perform for Notts.
  21. Good to see Dan's pictures, the only time I assume I do see them is when I read what's on PON's home page, on Notts or the Post.
  22. I spent three days in London as part of my Uni course, Thursday was hectic getting back to Sheffield for work. Friday ended up as a normal run of the mill day for me. I managed to get to Meadow Lane, I could stayed at home to be fair but I enjoyed the scenery. I didn't get back to Leeds until after 10, by then I was thankful to have a lazy Sunday lined up.
  23. I too hope there will be more of these updates, there's not a lot that can be said. Most points have been mentioned by others, yet it would be good to see one or two videos about certain things coming out.

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