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Aden Baldwin Reveals Notts County's Grit in Epic FA Cup Win


The magic of the FA Cup was in full display at Meadow Lane, as Notts County and Crawley Town battled it out in a match that had everything - goals, drama, and a nail-biting finish. The Magpies emerged victorious, but not without a fight from Crawley Town, who pushed them to their limits in a game that will be remembered for its intensity and high stakes.

The match was played in the spirit of the FA Cup, showcasing the unpredictability and excitement that makes this tournament so beloved by fans across the world. 

Notts County, despite being pushed back on multiple occasions, showed resilience and determination to secure their place in the next round. This victory, while hard-fought, is a reflection of their commitment to the competition and their desire to progress further.

Speaking in the post-match interview, defender Aden Baldwin confessed, "It probably wasn't our best performance... but at the end of the day we got the job done." This candid admission reveals a team aware of its strengths and weaknesses, yet determined to improve.

The game was marked by high pressure and numerous set pieces, testing the mettle of Notts County's defence. Baldwin, however, was quick to praise his team's resilience. He highlighted the character shown by his teammates, especially Connell Rawlinson, in the face of adversity. "We knew they were going to press High... but we showed really good character," Baldwin said, reflecting on the team's performance.

Baldwin also acknowledged the physical toll of the match, joking about the number of balls he had to head away. "I did come here to not head the ball as much but today wasn't the case. We had to put our body on the line, and we did what we needed to do," he said, demonstrating his commitment to the team's success.

Crawley Town, known for their strong team and detailed approach, posed a significant challenge. Baldwin acknowledged this, stating, "We respect them massively, they're similar to us in terms of the way they want to build up and how they want to go about things." Despite this, he expressed pride in how Notts County handled the challenge, demonstrating a spirit of sportsmanship and respect for their opponents.

Looking ahead, Baldwin emphasised the importance of a good cup run. He expressed optimism about the next round, stating, "We're just going to keep going and do what we do, focus on ourselves, play our football and see where that takes us." This sentiment, coupled with the team's recent victory, suggests a promising future for Notts County in the FA Cup.

Baldwin also touched on the team's current injury situation, stating, "These things happen... we've got the characters in the team we got the great staff behind us, so we're just going to get on with it and do what we can." This shows the team's resilience and determination to overcome adversity.

Finally, Baldwin spoke about the importance of leadership within the team. "The gaffer and Macca [Macaulay Langstaff] alluded to it in terms of leaders on the pitch... we're all leaders in there. There's some really good characters behind the scenes that people don't really see and that's going to be massive for us for having a successful season this year," he said. This highlights the strong team spirit and unity within Notts County, which will undoubtedly be crucial in their upcoming matches. 

As Baldwin succinctly put it, "Anyone will do. We don't fear anyone, anyone will do." With this level of determination and focus, Notts County is certainly a team to watch in the upcoming rounds.

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While my preference would be to concentrate on the league, the result was indeed positive and demonstrated the Notts team’s spirit in handling high-level opposition. I don’t believe anyone will linger on the performance; we must make allowances for our current situation, and winning games is paramount. I hope this victory bolsters the players’ confidence to improve our league form, providing them with a form of reward for their efforts.

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Aden Baldwin is indeed correct in prioritising victory, regardless of the cost. However, I share your concern about the potential long-term effects of his heading the ball. This is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. While it’s true that humour can often be found in darker situations, Baldwin’s performance demonstrated why he is considered one of our top defenders. As for Notts, the key is teamwork. Luke Williams should not be disheartened by any setbacks, but rather use them as motivation to strive for better.

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It’s a firm victory, regardless of how we played. Both squads put in maximum effort, and I’m pleased that we’re advancing. That’s the main point. We should accept victories as they come, and once we’ve dealt with the injuries and other challenges, we can concentrate on getting better. The further we progress in the FA Cup, the better!

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im not bothered that they scored twice, i am not worried that some of the players really had a bad day. all that matters is persevering and pushing for the win. we wont always be able to play entertaining football and dont cup games always tend to be like this? its just good to get the job done at meadow lane.

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Notts demonstrated their capability to secure a victory against the formidable Crawley Town, a fact that speaks volumes in itself. The outcome has filled me with joy and satisfaction, as the team achieved the necessary result. This success promises an additional payday, providing us with the opportunity to bolster our ranks come January, should we decide to do so. Despite this, I remain confident in the depth of our current squad.

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Job well done by the Magpies; although it wasn't smooth sailing, their grit paid off. Success like this fuels self-belief and sets a strong precedent for future matches. Congratulations to Aden Baldwin for his candid admission and emphasis on doing what needed to be done.

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This is what makes a team great, the ability to stand strong under pressure, resilience to turn tides in your favour, and unity under adversities. Notts has shown all three. Despite being pushed back on multiple occasions, they've held their nerve to head into the next round. Aden Baldwin's comment, "Anyone will do. We don't fear anyone, anyone will do," truly embodies the spirit of Notts County's performance.

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Baldwin’s post-match commentary showcases a man of wisdom and resolve.

Admiring the character shown by his teammates, he highlighted the grit and determination necessary to be victorious in this tough physical sport. His praise for Connell Rawlinson robustly demonstrates his acknowledgement of Rawlinson's character.

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Aden Baldwin’s comments on the performance are accurate, but the result is the key takeaway. The goalkeeping needs to be more assertive. Based on Aidan Stone’s performance, you wouldn’t think we were near the top of the League Two table. This time, it was him who added to Notts’ difficulties. Hopefully, he regains his confidence and starts to improve. A very good result nonetheless!

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Commendable spirit shown by Notts. Baldwin has rightly stressed the importance of leadership and unity. Quite exciting to see where this takes them in the forthcoming rounds of FA Cup!

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Notts County’s FA Cup win is more than just a victory. It shows their grit and determination. Even though they knew they weren’t at their best, they never gave up. This makes them tough to beat. We look forward to seeing more of this fighting spirit.

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