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Britains most remote Notts fan

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As some of you may know I run a forum for motorhome enthusiasts with members from all over the country and the world, it's not very often we get to discussing football but I was surprised to see this thread on my forum:



Have we found the most remote Notts County fan in the country?

He was on duty at Breaicleit Community Museum, on Great Bernera which is an island connected by a bridge to the west coast of Lewis. Real "edge of the world" country! Seems he moved up here about 7 years ago.

We've also spotted two Hylos in Lewis, one belonging to the landlord of the Loch Erisort Inn where we've just indulged in some truly succulent langoustines! He's from Yorkshire!

Only got the tablets with us and intermittent 3g, so we'll have to wait until we get home to post pics.

Ferry to Skye tomorrow morning, a couple of nights there then home ... probably!




It just goes to show that you never know where you are going to bump into a Notts fan.


What unexpected place have you bumped into a Notts fan? Let's hear your stories.

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Not many remote places that I've been too, though I see Notts fans all over now. When I did physio I would often bump into people (majority I didn't know) and when out, I will always notice a shirt no matter where I am.

I can't really share a story though... Eagerly awaiting seeing more though!

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Never bumped into a Notts fan in New Zealand, bumped into many a red dog though..

Actually spoke with a Notts fan on a remote island in Fiji, it's name escapes me, but you walk around it's circumference in about 5 minutes flat and the only thing on about was an 8 man capacity backpackers. I'm pretty sure there will be a small Fijian kid running around somewhere with a 140th year anniversary Notts shirt on. 

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I can't say that I've noticed any other Notts fans other than when I am in Nottingham / Nottinghamshire, it is quite funny though when I am out & about anywhere when a guy walking towards you always tries to look without staring as they haven't seen the top before (especially with the purple shirt!!) as there football knowledge starts and stops between channels 401 & 404 and they just can't believe that you can support anyone who isn't in the premier league.

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