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Notts County 2017/18 shirt - sponsor or no sponsor?

Joe Jones

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So next season us Notts County fans have the option of choosing one of several sponsors on the front of the new Puma shirt, and there is also the option to get one without a sponsor.

I have to say, I was skeptical with how it would work, but the club has pulled off a masterstroke - and it seems so easy and logical.

Personally, I will opt for the Notts shirt with Jake Bugg's name on it - I can see it becoming a bit of a cult fashion item in the years to come.

But many purists will love the idea of a shirt without sponsor, and in all fairness I would have opted for that were it not for the Bugg sponsor.

So what are you opting for? Sponsor or sponsor-free? And if it's the former, which one are you going for?

Let PON know!

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I've alwsys said they should have shirts without a sponsor available. After all it's the fans that walk about adertising the logo and don't get any money for doing so.

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Apart from the 150th issue I don't usually buy the shirt when it first comes out, I'm a bit of a tight@rse so if I like it I wait for one on ebay for a tenner rather than £40.  I must admit the that the option of no sponsor makes a bit more appeal and it's one I would go for 99% of the time.  However, the chance of having 'Jake Bugg' on the shirt would qualify for the 1% option.   I'm a bit past the "cult fashion item" stage mentioned above, but I am a JB fan so I may well purchase the new shirt if the design is acceptable.  

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Having fans walking around town with your logo on their shirts is part of the package of being a sponsor, that's why I had my doubts that the club would go through with this. I thought one sponsor would appear on all replica shirts, probably Paragon. What Notts are doing is certainly innovative.

I quite like listening to Jake Bugg at work but I'm not really enough of a fan to go walking around with his name on my shirt. Then again, I wasn't a fan of Forward Pest Control either but that didn't stop me ;)

If the shirts look good (and I have high expectations) then I'll get one without a sponsor. When is the great unveiling? Surely it shouldn't be long now.

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