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Breakdown of key topics:

  • The Danish brothers were attracted to Notts because, the clubs history, Nottingham as a city, the potential and a fantastic opportunity.
  • 2019/2020 aim is to hopefully gain promotion - however, they feel it's not expected and Neal Ardley must establish the team.
  • Long term goals: Create an excellent scouting infrastructure to enable the club to sign the right players from the English leagues and overseas.
  • They want to work with the fans so that the club can attract newer and more fans.
  • It's hoped the club can go as far as it can, creating new memories.
  • Hardest challenge faced coming in was forming the team, due to the time limits.
  • Neal Ardley acknowledges that the new owners came straight in, they helped him to move quickly to make the signings and some of the players didn't have a pre-season.
  • Media has been interested in the takeover in Denmark, that we are the oldest professional club and additionally with Kasper having played here - Danish people like supporting one English club, perhaps Notts?
  • Things had to happen very quickly, they didn't have much time to look at players nor due proper financial diligence with the takeover. Both were happy with completing, they just wished they had more time.
  • Unsure what to expect from owning a football club, they acknowledge that the staff have plenty of experience which makes their life easier.
  • Spending money respectfully and carefully, Neal Ardley doesn't want to mismanage this.
  • Owners look beyond defeats, they look at the bigger picture.
  • Two new scoreboards to be installed, with support from Lifeline and the OSA.
  • The club wants to promote the heritage, yet there are no plans currently to open a museum.
  • Neal Ardley instructs everyone to go up for corners as it allows for more space, those with height have a threat. i.e Ben Turner, Kyle Wootton etc.
  • There are no plans to have our own training facilities, but the club hopes to have something more permanent in the future.
  • Neal Ardley starts Enzio Boldewijn because of his current ability, rather than form and despite Sam Osborne being described as a having a bright future - he's not see as being better, despite being a 'hard worker'.

What do you think of the evening and, the items discussed? You can watch the event below.

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Thanks for summing it all up! I caught the last hour or so.

After recent experiences it's still refreshing to see owners who have no wish to hog the limelight (to the point of being visibly uncomfortable in front of a camera) and who make no big pronouncements. However, if we end up stuck in this league for a few years, I can imagine some people getting frustrated with this - they'll want to see leadership from the owners and to have the feeling that the club is going places. Personally I'd be quite happy for them to stay behind the scenes and lay the groundwork there.

On 20/11/2019 at 03:52, Chris said:

Owners look beyond defeats, they look at the bigger picture.

This is so important. The Twitterati had the ear of our last two owners. The problem with that is that they interacted most with - and responded to - the most extreme elements of our support. It's so important to be able to take a step back and consider the big picture even after a bad defeat, otherwise you can easily throw months and even years of work in the bin.

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Also Neale Ardley was asked why he doesn't shout & Baul At the players to get is instructions over or to gee them up, his reply was - I don't shout and baul as it can have a negative effect on players if I'm shouting at them, so I don't do it.

Can't remember Neil Warnock getting a negative response from his players.

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It's about personal characteristics.

If a calm person shouts, and gets irate it can throw people off - especially when it's not their normal behaviour. It's actually far more complex as some people think, I remember at school being shocked when a very quiet teacher totally lost it one time.

Neil Warnock uses his anger to express himself, just like Sir Alex.

It's a means to get what he wants, some people are more genuine with their response to negative situations too. Warnock probably wouldn't be as success if he didn't act like he does, yet he does put his arms around players and once something is said - he doesn't repeat it again after.

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