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  1. I have had to invest a lot of time fixing my home to the standard I like and have neglected to check in on PON. I am back after a fairly lengthy break. Hope to pick up where I left. What has everyone been up to? Anything new to report?
  2. This is my take on it. The FA/PL/ EFL/NL should all just take a break and reflect one things when they can, if the lockdown is extended further then the season needs to be ended there and then. Play Offs could happen, but I don't see it happening.
  3. Best away game for me was seeing Notts beat Leeds United at Elland Road in the League Cup in 1975 I think.
  4. I like driving, it's hard not to be when you're a former truck driver. Reading and walking is two hobbies I enjoy but obviously at the same time would be dangerous!
  5. Don Masson!! He was a joy to watch and such an influential player for the club.
  6. All Notts fans I am afraid, both my parents supported Notts and my brother doesn't like football.
  7. The magpie looks a little off, it would be nicer without the Robin Hood hat and I think the wings look a bit odd.
  8. Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin IV – Led Zeppelin Hotel California – The Eagles Who’s Next – The Who Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John
  9. The event which caused Lifeline to startup was a pretty dark time and would be a bizarre but overpowering change for the better.
  10. Pick up the season again next February; until then, schedule special championships as soon as football is unbanned. If this can happen, I would favour it myself.
  11. Your wallpapers are a joy to see @Chris, as is your graphics.
  12. It's a bad knock-on-effect for interdependently ran and small businesses, after it clears up shop local and make a difference.
  13. Greetings from the States @Bennybigbear, welcome to the site.
  14. I think I could use a better display picture, I just went with something that worked at the time.
  15. E3 is where I will have my guess. Good idea this @menzinho
  16. Reflecting on this season might bring happier times 3-5 seasons down the line, you never know with football.
  17. GB Gordon Bradley - Guy Branston JB John Brearley - John Brindley
  18. It’s good I feel, more due to the insight but it’s fascinating to see a club like Sunderland so open.
  19. It ended up being quite close, we know Richard Brindley is a winner. After all he's a magpie now.
  20. Great idea that worked, if it didn't it could have looked a little silly but this is the magic of football.
  21. There's no grounds that I wouldn't return too, it's part of football. I miss visiting games on a Saturday afternoon/evening.
  22. You have to hope that the season can be picked up, or a new campaign starts as good as the previous one ended. I am quietly confident provided Neal Ardley is given time.

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