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  1. I wonder if BT will drop this when the league resumes? I would get a chance to serve the game for once if it went ahead.
  2. Best ratings posted, so many replies it’s great to see. Just a shame that there’s won’t be any for some time now.
  3. Awful news, it’s going to have a big knock on effect I feel.
  4. Safe hands, best wishes to them and the clubs staff.
  5. Delay and restart when it’s calmed down, go from there. If the leagues end now though, relegation would have to be stopped.
  6. PON is creative enough to handle the this, I would say big enough too. Key would be to ensure good content is posted throughout the site.
  7. I’ll need to find a new dress distraction, it’s upped it’s anti here in the states and panic is increasing by the he day. It’s the right call to suspend the league.
  8. Very good insight into that period of the clubs history and of course the managers short stay at Meadow Lane. Where was Notts at the time he ended up getting the axe?
  9. Very amusing blog, several times I laughed out loud and I can’t believe I didn’t notice this sooner. Is the food good at German grounds? I imagine the beers fantastic.
  10. @ARLukomski You may not read this, but I can safely say I will miss your coverage of the games with these videos.
  11. Superb article, Kyle Wootton is a force to be reckoned with and a player we have to enjoy whilst he’s here. He seems to fit well in Ardley’s tactics, I think that’s why he plays so much.
  12. I might go give it a go if my laptop is good enough to run it.
  13. Aldershot seems like a bigger result now that the leagues been suspended, if it resumes it could be here that decides between playoffs or automatic. I know, it’s a long way off.
  14. I don’t think anyone can under value the recruitment or coaching, both go hand in hand. The manager has to have the final say.
  15. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @Rio Doherty, May I ask who you support? Notts?
  16. The wins just keep coming, winning 4-0 is a good achievement and a sign of the squad growing stronger together. I am looking forward to the highlights.
  17. He might be one to watch out for, some at the time didn't rate Steve Finnan until he had played more.
  18. This is what you want to read and learn, young players finding form and coming good.
  19. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham.
  20. As the title says: IF Notts gains promotion, what needs to be done now to prepare?
  21. I heard Charlie Slater mention that some fans on Twitter had said that Wes Thomas and Scott Wilson are too similar leading up the game against Barrow, is this true do you think? Kyle Wootton looks to have a good understanding with Thomas, so surely it would be a benefit in the long term? I know, the comments were made due to Thomas and Wilson both starting but it’s obvious that Wootton needs to rest at times as the fixtures build. Is Kristian Dennis physical enough to partner either of the two instead? I would have thought two tall quick strikers, that like to play into the defence would appeal to people. I’m curious as to what you all think.
  22. I agree, Notts has unearthed some very good talent that should progress with the club further if promotion is achieved. I believe this to be more long term, whereas cups are only ever a glimpse at short term success. Perfect example, Notts in the 90’s with the Anglo Italian Cup.
  23. It’s been mostly house chores and finishing things up, I painted the outside house last week and put up a new white fence. Next week I will be planning where to plant some new trees and screening. The garage is a useful place to store supplies for the house. Everything is coming along nicely! I have been having daily walks too which is nice.

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