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  1. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @Rio Doherty, May I ask who you support? Notts?
  2. The wins just keep coming, winning 4-0 is a good achievement and a sign of the squad growing stronger together. I am looking forward to the highlights.
  3. He might be one to watch out for, some at the time didn't rate Steve Finnan until he had played more.
  4. This is what you want to read and learn, young players finding form and coming good.
  5. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham.
  6. As the title says: IF Notts gains promotion, what needs to be done now to prepare?
  7. I heard Charlie Slater mention that some fans on Twitter had said that Wes Thomas and Scott Wilson are too similar leading up the game against Barrow, is this true do you think? Kyle Wootton looks to have a good understanding with Thomas, so surely it would be a benefit in the long term? I know, the comments were made due to Thomas and Wilson both starting but it’s obvious that Wootton needs to rest at times as the fixtures build. Is Kristian Dennis physical enough to partner either of the two instead? I would have thought two tall quick strikers, that like to play into the defence would appeal to people. I’m curious as to what you all think.
  8. I agree, Notts has unearthed some very good talent that should progress with the club further if promotion is achieved. I believe this to be more long term, whereas cups are only ever a glimpse at short term success. Perfect example, Notts in the 90’s with the Anglo Italian Cup.
  9. It’s been mostly house chores and finishing things up, I painted the outside house last week and put up a new white fence. Next week I will be planning where to plant some new trees and screening. The garage is a useful place to store supplies for the house. Everything is coming along nicely! I have been having daily walks too which is nice.
  10. It’s a draw which gives Notts a chance to make some better revenue than the other two games and a chance to progress to the final, I will take that.
  11. There’s little to no panic over here so far, barely made the news. More mentions about Donald Trump visiting x, y or z.
  12. I used to have an Instagram account, I shared pictures of my travel and truck in different states but I lost my password after issues with bogus charges by my network carrier.
  13. Good win, I know I’m m late to the game in terms of replies but inbox surprised you all didn’t hear much cheering to this result!
  14. By this rate, you will have everything but this BREXIT 50p.
  15. Welcome to PON @Jenny Wakeford
  16. How’s he getting on? I know he scored in his debut but since, has he looked like someone capable of scoring on a regular basis? Does he make good movement?
  17. Did anyone else happen to go? Please do leave your own ratings. Thanks @ARLukomski
  18. Welcome to PON @Alex, I’m originally from Nottinghamshire but moved to the States in the late 80s. Good to have you here.
  19. I don’t watch TV much, not even now I have started to put down roots. I would much prefer to stream in my own leisure, as I go for daily walks and spend most of my time doing something around the house.
  20. I have all my stuff away years ago, I wished I hadn’t but when I moved to the States I didn’t really believe I needed to them.
  21. Lacey has returned now right? That’s good news! I think this update is a good read, for an exile it gives me more information than just dates. I think you can read between the lonesome regarding their return dates. Certainly useful...
  22. Joe McDonnell sounded quite poor on the radio coverage, his kicking and decision making seemed to never questioned a lot. Hopefully, Sam Slocombe can make a full return soon.
  23. There’s a handful of Genesis songs that I like, far from the greatest or the most revolutionary band but good at times.
  24. I keep most actually, condiments normally go in the fridge and anything safe to store at room temperature the cupboard. There’s one thing I ain’t, and that’s a fussy eater.

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