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comparing neal ardley in the early stages


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yes its early and most likely people will not want to say much, but i think it could be an interesting subject. i think kevin nolan is closer to neal ardley than he is to harry kewell.

i think both nolan and kewell could be very hot tempered when dissatisfied.

the early impressions of neal are good, he seems rounded. he has his way of doing things which seems to be making a positive difference. the players seem to be on a level field with him and attempting to implement the tactics + the instructions. the reaction after the tranmere game was brilliant to see. there was so much positive influence and respect.

we cant get carried away but i would like to see what people think is different about ardley, whats refreshing and if the success nolan experienced with notts is anywhere near to what ardley is currently doing.

i think nolan forgot much of what made him successful and it dwindled down due to pressure.

what do you think?

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I think Neal Ardley is like Kevin Nolan with how he's come in, I just think Ardley's experience is much more important and he seems quick to establish a good relationship with the players. I think he's already started to figure out his best 11, so it's just a case of time will tell.

I know it's early but I am still glad Alan Hardy went to London to talk to Neal.

It shows intent and within the New Year the players confidence might have lifted.

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He's much different but as I have said in a recent PONcast I can see similarities with Kevin Nolan.

Neal Ardley is the opposite end to Harry Kewell, Ardley is more hands on and seem to be more hardworking. It was good to see him instructing the players from the dugout, Nolan used to do this but he sort of lost his focus. There was a time KN wouldn't focus on upcoming games and he didn't get drawn into discussing officials but then it all went downhill. Once Nolan started losing his focus it just led to issues, I thought at the start of this season he would have refocused and cracked on with it but he lacked the understanding of how to make use of the squad he signed.

Ardley so far seems to understand this, it will be interesting to see if he rotates and drops poor performers or if he can get the most out of them.

Kewell tended to overplay players.

That was one of his biggest downfalls.

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I think Kevin Nolan and Neal Ardley are more similar than Harry Kewell.

Kewell's football philosophy albeit sounded nice, it was never going to work. Ardley has Notts playing some good stuff at the moment and that encourages me, he settled down with the squad build by Nolan and has them avoiding hoofball. The Tranmere Rovers game was very entertaining, best match from a natural perspective this season. Both teams went for it which is pleasing. 

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