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A delay, admin or the end?

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I don’t know what to say anymore… Speechless and sick of it!

Not really much mention of the Danes. It keeps coming back to May & Dodd. I wonder if they were set to buy us today, but failed to get the cash. I don’t know why AH is still dealing with them, they clearly have no money, they’ve got an awful past connected to them and they seem far more interested in property development around the ground than Notts itself. From reading about them they have nothing positive to offer the club in my opinion. Also I feel so sorry for all the staff as their wait for pay goes on.

In terms of the footballing side it’s looking like the season could be over before it’s even started. I think all the trialists would be mad to stick around now as it could be weeks before we’re in a position to offer them anything. It’s really annoying. Ardley has done so well to keep everything together, have a professional pre-season, get some good players in… It felt like we were so close to actually having a chance this season. Now he faces an almost impossible task with the season starting 10 days.

The 30th looks ominous now, there’s no way we’ll get it adjourned again…  Is admin, -10 points, no new players going into the start of the season with Smurthwaite and co scrapping it out for us the best case scenario now?

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My optimism from yesterday is well and truly punctured. Right now I'd be happy if we start the season, full stop. My thoughts, in no particular order:

- Was Alan Hardy really clearing his desk ahead of a takeover, or preparing to do a runner?

- As the club's biggest creditor, Hardy unquestionably has a big interest in selling the club, and for as much money as possible. But you wonder why the deals fall through all the time. My guess is that he's priced the serious bidders out of the market and is left with tyre-kickers and fantasists who bail at the last minute.

- Why are so many consortia from abroad with no connection to Nottingham supposed to be so interested in buying our club? They've got 100 other English clubs to choose from, many of which would be cheaper to buy and run than Notts. On top of all the clubs in their home country...

- The "May" group would very much like to own our club. Yeah, and I'd like to King and live in a castle. They won't pass the FA's test because of their convictions, they haven't got any money and they're only lurking around because they're after land the council will not let them have. We're more likely to be taken over by George Michael.

- Administration wouldn't necessarily save us. It'd protect us from the winding-up order, but money still has to come from somewhere to pay wages. If we can't field a team at Eastleigh, we've had it.

- Chances are that some if not all of the trialists will be on their way to find clubs before the season starts. They'd be mad to hang around. If Neal Ardley keeps us out of the bottom four, he'll deserve a statue.

- Nagging feeling that it's going to be a bail-out from the Green estate, admin and Smurthwaite. Lucky us.

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I'm really annoyed now that the 'Alan Hardy' clearing his desk actually made the local news, it's not worth sharing but I have been told that the takeover hasn't concluded with the Danes. I do know some other stuff, yet I generally do not share stuff of this nature as even this could be wrong.

Still, my earlier point is the media has been fooled by another AH media publicity stunt.

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The Danish consortium did the right thing, they knew most likely Alan would accept a lower offer. The egg head just wanted to retain as close to his asking price regardless of the cost.

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