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getting the most out of chances created


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during a recent interview when inoh effiong arrived at meadow lane, he mentioned that he can hold the ball up but is a different player than just someone who just holds play up. he mentioned that he likes to create space for others by using his own movement which make me think that its something notts does not really do much at the moment.

we are far to direct imo, i think we miss cal roberts wanting to rip the pitch up and being direct.

enzio when hes able to take on players and supply that perfect assist.

so i ask, how can neal ardley get the best out of the chances we create? how do you think notts could be more creative on goal?

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I think there's too much focus on the middle men to get the play forward, relying on Michael Doyle and Jake Reeves to dig deep all the time isn't productive in my eyes. We need to use the wider players more, I would love to see Dion Kelly-Evans and Richard Brindley given more freedom to backup the midfielders who play on the wing.

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There's quite a few things to make us more clinical in the final third.

Firstly, there's the amount of players we commit forward. The sitting midfield two of Reeves and Doyle are fine for controlling possession but neither get forward enough consistently to support the front four. Reeves has done this on occasions this season (Alty, Barnet, Stockport), but hasn't done it enough (he was basically camped in his own half against Woking). I've brought this up before. Hartlepool away last season. They attacked in 6's and 7's going forward. Meanwhile, we had, at most, 4 forward when attacking. Press the opposition back, giving them more to think about as there is more players forward. This also gives us more options to pass to in the final third which means a higher chance of putting a chance away. One of the strikers or attacking players can also come deep for the ball to help link up the play. 

Secondly, we need to defeat the high press. We did this excellently against Stockport and have got better at it with time. Moving the ball quickly into space, getting the ball out of our feet and releasing it quicker. If it's in the centre, play it to a centre half or wing back and move. Once we have released it to a teammate, we need to move and make runs to draw opposition players out of position, to create space for other players. Getting the ball out of our feet and moving it quicker is huge. Too many times, we have taken too many touches when we didn't need to (Reeves and Ruben vs Torquay e.g.). Doing this can speed up the play and help us progress quicker up the pitch.

We need to give our attacking players more freedom. Let them roam free from their normal position and try and make things happen. Believe in their ability to make things happen. Enzio and Shields did this last season at Halifax. Both hugged the touchline so they had a better chance of receiving the ball and it helped us stretch Halifax and we completely outplayed them. The importance to this is, if the opposition win the ball and counter, we must either press them back again or quickly retain our shape best we can.

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Agree with @ARLukomski in that we need to be less timid and try to attack in more numbers. By having a very deep central midfield pairing we are overly reliant on our wide players to provide the creative spark we need, but they haven't delivered so far. Also, many of our attacking players have never really scored many - Wootton didn't get many before last season, Sam has never got into double figures, and Enzio is erratic as we all know. When Roberts is out, we lack that killer instinct.

To be fair the issue with taking too many touches is also a sign of a lack of match practice.

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i think much of it is outside of playing as we wont be able to avoid other games being suspended, so we need to keep players like kyle wootton and ruben rodrigues confident. they do a lot of the work which gets taken for granted.

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