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  1. Have you tried playing a game?
  2. Welcome to PON @Greene.
  3. I thought it was a nice gesture but I am sure the club could offer a better means to thank the NHS staff. It should also be expanded to teachers, public servants and anyone who has to remain in work make this lock down successful. It's not just Nurses and doctors.
  4. If the contracts need extending, then this should be extended by default with existing deals being honoured. I imagine the players will be getting paid regardless of what happens, so it seems fair to expect them to continue when needed.
  5. I remember the specials that used to be put on, I think its a good idea to extend the tram network.
  6. Hello @Alex, welcome to PON.
  7. I am hopeful that from this season on wards, under the new stewardship that things will be much easier.
  8. Good vlog @Rio Doherty, I could see you put a lot of effort into your production and video.
  9. Defender many years ago, I couldn't play now for the life of me.
  10. Hello @Rio Doherty, welcome to the site!
  11. I would expect the news of the suspension to the National League will hit the community here hard.
  12. The worst news that could have come that we all expected. Everyone knew Saturday would be one of the last games for awhile, now it's suspended.
  13. The National League will play it by whatever is advised, I can see things coming to a temporary stand still but I think there will be a lot of pressure to ensure the season continues. If they do go down the path of streaming games behind closed doors, then fine. Lower league clubs risk losing a lot of money, season ticket holders need to keep this in mind. Do you lose the season completely or just your match day ticket? It will give people a better chance to save in my mind with the potential of two trips to London.
  14. Welcome to the community @magnot
  15. I'm not the biggest fan of away games being show live, but if I can't make Barnet I will be tuning into BT Sports. That's provided no more suspensions happen.
  16. Question is will Neal Ardley go for form on the pitch or his favourites in training?
  17. Games going ahead according to the official Notts site, I would lose faith in this league if they called it off at the last minute. Hope the games goes without any issues.
  18. The goal against Wrexham will always have an importance to me, lovely strike that.
  19. For those who feel fit and healthy, don't risk getting this virus because nobody knows how your body will react. Keep safe everyone.
  20. I will have to wait to see him properly but I feel content with him remaining for the season, I wonder if Long will?
  21. Strong showing to pull back the game, I thought both teams played equally well in the first half but Notts kept that pressure on from the end of the first period and took the points.
  22. Issue stemmed before Guy Branston, he's the Jamie Fullarton type figure. Just someone who fans can see and point the blame on. At the end of the day, the manager in charge needs to have the final say and understand if he can work with the players.
  23. South Korea has been hit with more cases, it's picking up elsewhere. I'm concerned how nations in Africa will cope since they don't have the medical advantages that some countries do.

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