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  1. Great news! It's good to know he's training again. I thought he would miss the rest of this season which would have been tragic I feel for both him and Notts.
  2. Welcome to PON @Catherine Iremonger.
  3. The club is nothing without supporters, keeping us out of the loop is not on. Alan Hardy brought the club to its knees even if he hadn't, he should have still provided us the information needed. I agree, it's nice to read the CEO's thoughts.
  4. I think the squad has a good balance now, I just think a few more players could be within the 23-27 bracket. The club has addressed the lack of pace which was an issue last season.
  5. I still don't know what I would like to do after I finish school.
  6. Notts played as per usual, well in spells. I thought Kristian Dennis did well to come back into the squad, Sam Osborne did okay too. No idea on the attendance but it was more than I expected.
  7. Back to school for me. Catching up on home work and friends, once I got home I just didn't want to do much else.
  8. It's a good goal, it's by far the best but it was superbly struck. I agree that there's a bit of luck, normally players would never dream of striking from there and it helps that everyone from the oppositions team is away from the goal.
  9. Hello @WayofthePies, welcome to the PON community.
  10. It's a great goal, something nothing! Wes Thomas strikes the ball very cleanly.
  11. Neal Ardley will rotate the squad and save some of them for the league, I'm not sure any if they perform well enough will keep his eye. He seems to know his own starting 11.
  12. just the thing we need to continue our form, it gives people a sense of belief to win something. I know people say its a curse but not if you work hard and stay focused.
  13. I hoped he would join permanently, I also thought that they would want more money but its good that it's lower. Kyle Wootton can be a big part in our promotion bid. I think fans can relax and put to rest the idea of him leaving or being recalled, we just need to keep him fit and injury free!
  14. My family are with Virgin Media, I don't have the hassle of dealing with them yet.
  15. I hope so, Notts does need to work harder to maintain the upward success.
  16. It felt good to annoy Bromley, their players seem about the standard of this league. All thinking they're special.
  17. Neal Ardley has spoken about signings, it sounds like he's not in a rush to make any but is keeping his options open. I wonder how much of this seasons budget still remains? If 1 or 2 can be made, without costing the club the Kyle Wootton agreement, I would like to see at least one new face,
  18. Slocombe 7 - Good all round performance. Brindley 6 - He did okay, limited going forward but defended quite well. Rawlinson 7.5 - Ignoring his goal, he commanded the back and played some good stuff going forward. Lacey 8 - He doesn't seem to panic and how calm he is on the ball helps to reduce pressure. McCrory 5 - Pretty poor at times and wasteful, I wasn't impressed. Just average to me! Rose 5 - Average like McCrory, watching him defend gives me nightmares and his penalty was woeful. Doyle 6 - He did well, nothing spectacular but good enough. Boldewijn 4 - Awful, no creativity and just clueless most of the time. Osborne 7.5 - Solid performance, I don't expect him to give outstanding play for 90 minutes but his fighting massively helps. Wootton 6 - He had limited service I feel, not as much time on the ball but he looked good. Thomas 6.5 - Worked hard, more involved in the game than others and scored from a nice move.
  19. Welcome to PON, nice to see you introduce yourself.
  20. I'm not sure myself, there was some good play by the Bromley players but nobody caught my eye as being worth a punt on signing.
  21. I'm back at school now, I celebrated the new year with my family. I went to Meadow Lane this past Saturday, I thought Notts did well and the atmosphere seems to be picking up.
  22. He could move into coaching or another areas of the game, it's never good to see someone retire from injury but he will have options.
  23. I can see it helping, I think with the reshuffle Neal Ardley has done we do we require a winger for sure.

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