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  1. What's she cooking you @samwatto2008? Grandmas are normally good cooks, they've had lots of practice.
  2. Fitz 9 - made some fantastic saves and kept us in the game, deserved MoM Turley 8 - showed lots of passion played well Evina 3 - oh dear, he was poor Ward 6 - Good strong headers when needed Brisley 6 - did ok Enzio 8 - a constant threat and deserved a goal Hewitt 3 - I've seen him play a lot better milsom 5 - prone to mistakes Alessandra 5 - I thought he tried but struggled to make an impact Thomas 3 - a bad day at the office Dennis 3 - he was up front on his own for most of the game but a good striker makes his own chances Duffy 5 - why he was brought on for Dennis I'm not sure but did ok for me Kewell 3 - got his tactics completely wrong he promised us attractive attacking football I didn't see any last night
  3. Makes a change from a headless chicken I suppose.
  4. Well you may or may not get elected but at least you'll be as fit as a flee.
  5. Good morning, although it’s not actually very good weather wise, it’s raining out there but it’s pretty mild. i wanted to go for a run this morning but I don’t “do” rain so that’s not going to happen. Mrs Big Tone is going for a coffee morning with her mates so I’m home alone this morning, I’ll do a bit of housework and I’ve got some computer work to do so that’ll keep me busy. Its home made mousakka for tea, it’s ages since we’ve had that so I’m looking forward to it. I noticed in yesterday’s daily thread we had two people reading it who don’t normally read it but they didn’t contribute so please if you read this why not join in and tell us about your day or what’s on your mind. I hope everyone has a good day and try to stay cheerful in spite of last nights result after all to only football.
  6. What are you going to do with your Christmas ballboyes hang the poor litttle lads from the tree? And where are you flying to?
  7. What the heck was all that about? When I saw Duffy coming on I jokingly said to @magpiejue “he’s coming on as a centre forward instead of Dennis” well i was half right Kewell took off Dennis our only striker but he put Enzio up front. Actually it nearly worked Enzio did more in the short time he played up front than Dennis had done all match and he nearly scored with two very good chances.
  8. Yes indeed, typically just as we’re all saying we need a new goalkeeper he pulls off some fantastic saves to keep us in the match. He was very good tonight and in the first half he actually produced the only “shot” on target when his clearance went straight over everyone and straight to the opposing goalie. The only shot on target in the first half that says a lot about the attacks performance tonight.
  9. Sounds like a lot of positives for @GrannyPie thanks for the updates @super_ram
  10. Yeah, I said to Chris you need a Rainbow One to Heanor but its a bit of a trek from Heanor to the park. I'm not sure there are any buses that go to the entrance. You'd probably be worn out before you got there.
  11. It depends what you like @cheeky~k8 if you like peace and quiet and the countryside then yes its lovely. There are lots of walks on good paths, lakes, fishing, feeding the ducks, wildlife, birds etc., but there isn't much else, there's a smallish kiddies play park near the visitor centre and a keep fit trim trail but no theme rides or anything like that now of course, there is a visitor centre selling the usual stuff and a cafe but really its just a big country park.
  12. I've no idea who any of them are, I'm hopeless at celebrities, I do watch films but have no interest who the actors are to be honest.
  13. I "celebrated" by staying indoors watching telly and letting other silly buggers send their hard earned money up in smoke. Then again I'm a grumpy old sod. Call me Victor.
  14. I’ve just had a walk around Shipley Country Park home of the former American Adventure Theme Park, after discussing it on the other thread I thought that it had been ages since I’d been so went again, it’s lovely this time of year with the leaves all turning different colours, we had a nice walk then dropped into the visitor centre cafe for a coffee and the most enormous piece of lemon cake, I’m stuffed now.
  15. Well done, people need to speak out about this sort of thing, I'm glad the company responded and hopefully the driver will think twice in future.
  16. I couldn't see the pictures at first @cheeky~k8 now I see what you mean, a friend of ours has to walk to school with a double buggy and when she comes across something like this she takes photographs and sends in an email to the company concerned with a complaint.
  17. How come they don't work at weekends that's silly, my daughter in law is an occupational therapist and she has to take it in turns to work weekends with her colleagues.
  18. People who park on pavements are just plain selfish, especially if they don't allow room for pedestrians, they are very strict on pavement parking in and around the London conurbation, we went to see our son run in the London marathon and stayed in a house in a very quiet residential street outside London, we parked with two nearside wheels of the car about six inches on the pavement, there was plenty of room for pedestrians to get past but we got a ticket and a £60 fine., personally I think that was a bit OTT but I do think cars, vans and lorries that block pavements should be fined. As for parking on crossings with zigzags that's illegal everywhere isn't it? Mind you when we go to France we are amazed that cars park right on a zebra crossing and it's not illegal at all.
  19. I watched the channel 4 programme last night and it seems from the survey that the British people have changed their minds and if the referendum was rerun we would be staying in the European Union, it seems that the majority have now come to their senses and seen what a catastrophe it would be for Britain. Bring on the Peoples Vote.
  20. Is that the same as a Spanish omelette @Piethagoram?
  21. Lidl is our supermarket of choice, we couldn't believe how much we saved when we switched from Asda. Hope the physios are working on @GrannyPie so she can come home.
  22. It depends what I’m having with the eggs fried with chips scrambled on toast hard boiled with a salad poached with some asparagus fried in butter soft boiled with bread or toast soldiers to dip in.
  23. Morning all, a cloudy, mild start here. Its match night tonight and personally I can’t wait to get back down the lane, no grandkids as it’s too late for them being a school night so I’ve booked a seat near the half way line which is my preferred view point rather than behind the goal where I sit with grandchildren in the family stand. In other news I see the Spice Girls are making a comeback minus posh spice (Victoria Beckham) are we bothered? More news some stupid people have posted a rather sick video of a bonfire with a model of the Grenfell tower block burning on the fire with people standing around laughing and joking, how sick can you get? We didn’t get our @GrannyPie update yesterday, hows she doing @super_ram? Have a great day everyone.

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