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Weekly round up- Week 1

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I know Fan of Big Tone brought a daily chat out each day, so I've decided to do a weekly one, which will be up on Sunday's. I probably won't be able to do it every week, due to work, but I'll try my hardest. 

So, my week has been very mixed. My driving instructor is giving her car back to the company she works for after Christmas. I also failed my theory test on Friday, but anyway we go again, hopefully in January. 

I also got to spend some quality time with @ARLukomski, we went out for a meal and enjoyed going out to our favourite weekly quiz (which is also stopping after the new year). 

But, tonight is my work Christmas party, so I am going to get glammed up, and spend some quality time with call my work friends (maybe with a little drink or two 😂).

How has your week been? 

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Monday + Tuesday, I don't remember. Probably due to feeling unwell.

Wednesday I had a lot of stuff behind the scenes with the sites going on, I managed to sort the online store out - added custom promotional images to 16+ prints. In addition to working on other things such as graphics, I've spent a lot of time doing stuff like this.

I also managed to get Kate a birthday card, along with some extra presents for Christmas (since the kids didn't quite manage to look themselves).

Thursday, I went out for a brief walk to a nearby Asda. The cold really disagrees with my joints.

Friday, it seemed quite empty around the house as Jake went to see my parents and the girls stayed in Ellie's room most of the day. I watched a bit of TV, whilst working on my laptop, it's been largely uneventful to be fair.

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It's not been the best week. I watched the election results in a semi-drunken stupor, had a really bad night's sleep and have had a bad head since. Maybe I'm getting too old for late nights, especially when I've got work the next morning. There wasn't even any football at the weekend to cheer me up.

Next week it'll be the last at work, with the office then being closed until January, so I'm on the final furlong. Christmas parties are all done and dusted, my favourite Christmas market is coming up next weekend (the medieval one in Gernsheim), Waldhof Mannheim are playing their last home match before the winter break and then it'll be time to bunker down for the holidays.

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with the demand of christmas i have been busy at work, its one of the busiest periods and keeping everything organised takes a lot of time.

other than work, i went out on friday for a meal with my aunt and uncle.

next week should prove to be more eventful.

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I am in the process of selling my truck.

I expect it to go for the price I want after Christmas, it's been up for sale for the past few months.

At the moment, I don't know what to do with myself. I have decided to take early retirement, I mentioned on PON some time ago I felt like I should place some roots before it's too late. I bought a property last month, ideal to my needs. This has taken much of my free time, as I am doing it up. It's a traditional build, with a large porch to the front of the property.

I've already pulled down two barns which were in a terrible condition.

After Christmas, I want to build a garage.

By then I should have the house in good shape, I will be paying someone soon to paint the whole thing.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday have all been work days.

Like many others its a busy time, I work in a supermarket in Clifton and it's becoming like the apocalypse with people rushing around to get food. Outside of work, I just relax either by myself or with friends.

Tomorrow I am off, I'll be heading to the cinema and then a meal afterwards.

Friday is back to work, weekends are off!

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