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How do we Lineup?!

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Following the signing of Nemane, I'm a bit baffled as to how we might line up. All we know for certain is that IB prefers a back 3 and last season he did it with wing-backs. 


Using last season's line-up,  we could be something like this:

lineup (5).png


This is about as defensive as you can make us, and for me it's still fairly forward-thinking and ambitious. Using the same formation, you can adjust us and make us more direct and offensive by doing the following:

lineup (6).png

This could leave us badly exposed, unless the two central midfielders are instructed to cover the wing backs as they push forward.

Should you want to go even more mental/suicidal, you could make the outer centre backs more willing to step up:

lineup (7).png


Now IB has mentioned the 3-4-3 formation, which alters things a bit and is the only way I could think of that puts all our attacking threats in the same side, pretty much in position:

lineup (8).png

Again, this leaves us too open for my liking. 


Anybody else have any thoughts? I know I'm trying to fit all the attacking players into the starting line-up, that probably won't all be in the line-up at the same time.....




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Arron Nemane, I think will play more of an advanced role in an attacking midfield position in my opinion. I can see him assuming the role we've come to expect of Ruben Rodrigues, who may adapt to play more central at times.

There's also the possibility that Nemane might play as a shadow striker, just behind Wootton.

Having the freedom to become a secondary striker, or push out to cover either side of the wing. There's a possibility, we might've signed him to rotate between Rodrigues. Also, he'll miss most of the pre-season as he's injured. So, I'm doubtful we'll see any clues from those games.

Perhaps he's seen more of a Cal Roberts rotation? My bet is more closely to what we see with Rodrigues.

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I expect this on the current signings. Still room for more though!

3 4 2 1 (formation that is, not a countdown to next signing😂)

Nemane will start as rwb imo. But the ability to change it all up without major subs is a big bonus. Looking good Notts.

might just be worth putting a tenner on promotion this year.


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32 minutes ago, Super_Danny_Allsopp said:

lineup (10).png

This looks about right to me, I can't see us using Nemane as a wing back dominantly as he's more influential further up the pitch where he can cause the damage.


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2 hours ago, Chris said:

This looks about right to me, I can't see us using Nemane as a wing back dominantly as he's more influential further up the pitch where he can cause the damage.


Forgot to put JOB in - but he can play in the more advanced central midfield role, or even on the left wing if you're playing Taylor LWB. 


I think Nemane would come on at RWB if we  need a goal or two, but like you say, can't see him ever starting in that position,

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Been thinking about this and to keep the side balanced but extracting the most out of the team attacking wise I'd go with...

GK Sam Slocombe 

RCB Alex Lacey

CB Connell Rawlinson 

LCB Kyle Cameron 

RWB Richard Brindley 

CM Matty Palmer

CM Ed Francis

LWB Joel Taylor

CAM/W Cal Roberts 

ST/W Ruben Rodrigues 

ST Kyle Wootton 

Depending on formation, Roberts can play in the 10 and Ruben up top and have free roam (like the back end of last season). Or both can play either side of KW in a kind of 343. We can also introduce Nemane into that formation too.

Francis to be the holding midfielder and one of the set piece takers. He's already said about how the club wanted him to be Doyle's replacement. Palmer to play the role like Reeves did towards the end of last season with a bit more spice. With the schedule, there will be constant squad rotation so, there probably won't be no set starting x1.

Brindley to balance us at RWB as Taylor can get forward. Allows Cameron to step out of defence a bit and Brindley can cover as a third centre-back. He can also get forward on his day too. Exciting battle for the right-back slot nonetheless.

Still believe we need more striker and maybe cover at centre half unless Chicksen is alternating between LWB and CB.

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I am looking forward to seeing how Notts lines up, however, I think pushing Nemane into a wing back position would be less effective than allowing him to play further up. It does seem to be what IB is thinking of doing though.

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Interesting one. I think variants 2 and 3 are quite likely - a 343 shape allows us to play both Rodders and Roberts alongside / just behind Wootton, at the price of making us lighter in midfield. Alternatively, we could stick with last season's shape with a number 10 just behind Wootton. Rodders is excellent in that role, and Roberts surely would be too - but then we'd have two of our best players competing for one spot. I don't like the idea of Roberts as a wing back.

A lot depends on how our new-look midfield performs, but I'm already liking the look of this team better than last season's.



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lineup (11).png


My prediction. I like the formation because it allows you to be as offensive or as defensive as you like. DKE/Chicksen as WB for defence, Taylor and Nemane for attacking purposes. 


I think we're fairly well covered, apart from the lack of backup for Wootton and for me, we are still missing a CB. Lacey is currently injured and I don't think we can have two fullbacks occupying those CB positions. Height is a factor in this league. 

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lineup (14).png

I think we're done, barring maybe Hondermarck singing as backup. I personally still feel we need another out and out CB and being greedy, would kill for a Dennis-type player. Apart from that, I think we're set.

  • GK: Slocombe will be given instruction to play out with his feet to any of the back 5 / 6 (including deep-lying playmaker) and isn't afraid to take risks. This will go wrong at least once, which is how he got sent off last season.
  • CB: Rawlinson is your last line of defence and being the centre pin. Doesn't mess around with fancy passes as that's not his game, his passes will largely find his fellow CBs or the keeper.
  • Outside CBs: Cameron and Brindley will be given licence to step out, which both are very comfortable with. Interesting to see how we cover for this.
  • WBs: Direct and pacey is the blueprint, with fits Taylor well. DKE, on the other hand, isn't the quickest nor capable of taking his man on, but puts in a decent cross and makes up (partially) in tenacity. Offers a bit more defensive cover, too. Nemane is the more attacking option, with Chicksen being the more defensive option on the other side. Important positions as they bring the width to the side, which is why both backup and starters for this position have the preferred foot matching to their position on the pitch. 
  • DLP: Will look to dictate play and distribute the ball. Steps back into defence to release press if needed. Francis has shown he is capable of both the simple passes towards the WBs/CBs, and the more detailed towards the two AMs and even to Wootton. Doyle is excellent backup, as Vincent could be too. 
  • BBM: Given licence to go forward at times and needs high energy, like Palmer and JOB. Vincent could also fill this role, but not seen him thus far.   
  • Left AM:  Will vary depending on whom occupies the role. Rodrigues will naturally receive the ball towards the left and drift towards the right, looking to dribble past players and occasionally release intricate passes. Sam could also play here to use his dribbling ability and pace. 
  • Right AM: Also varies depending on personnel. Roberts will start out left and drift in centrally, weaving as he does. The relationship with the left AM will be very intriguing. A Knight or Nemane will give you direct pace on the outside. 

*Interesting in the two AM positions is these can be switched at will - inverting one minute, down the outside the next. This can be simply by swapping positions or personnel. 

  • CF: Holds up the ball and brings others into play. Also responsible for getting on the end of things in the box. Wootton fits this type perfectly. Be interesting to see if we ever try and play without that natural CF role....


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Pretty much agree with this. Seems, so far, we agree on most things! Lol

For me, I’d start Nemane, but the fact he is on the books makes it a more rounded squad. Hope Taylor works out as a signing. He had a rough run on Sunday.

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Yeah, it’s tricky trying to fit everyone in but at least we’ve signed players for a specific system and style. That’s a big plus for me. Last season the one problem we had was what system we were signing players for. We played a diamond formation through-out pre-season and then played 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2, 5-3-2, 3-5-2 we never had a settled formation and nothing really worked for us. NA liked the 4-4-2 with inverted wingers but we didn’t sign any wingers!?! 🤦‍♂️ That was really odd...

This season has been different, you can see the plan. The 3-5-2 (but’s almost like a hybrid 3-4-3 at times). If I was being really critical, I’m not sure we’ve got a natural wing-back for the right-hand side. We’ve got a RB and a RW. But let’s see how we get on.

Also we could easily go back to 4 at the a back if we wanted to. I feel there’s plenty of real plausible options this season.

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