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Strange how you find things out.....I was,as usual; paying one of my intermitent visits to The Mad site, when I noticed a comment about PoN and the old farts who frequent it.........as an old fart [born 1930] I thought 'Why not have a look?'

I liked what I saw and here I am......doesn't mean I will give up Mad,but perhaps not visiting quite as often.


I came to Nottingham in 1967 {For about 6 months...I thought ....while sorting myself out after a broken marriage.......I must have liked the place....I'm still here.}


My first football match here was Forest/Liverpool........I was taken there by a lad from the'pool.......one of my ex work friends......I found to my digust a sea of RED shirts .....[i grew up within the ROAR of the Man.City crowd in my ears on match days  and a natural hatred of red football shirts.]....I still follow the pale Blues progress.......my son is a Rabid City fan and lives quite close totheir new ground.


I hope to live long enough to see The 'Pies in the Championship.......but things will have to change radically and rapidly at the 'Lane' if I am to fulfil my ambition.


"COME ON U 'PIES>>>>>>>GET YOUR FINGERS OUT.".......Please !.....I'm running out of time.

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Old fart ! I'm only 40!

This site is different from MAD as people are allowed their own opinions here without all the vile contributions that follow it like on MAD. It still surprises me that MAD actually gets anyone to post nowadays as every comment seems to be a slanging match or argument which gets personal.

Here at PON we're far more accommodating to different opinions because we know we all share a couple.

1 Notts

2 Respect.


Welcome to PON and I hope you find my comments bear true as you check through the site and the forums.

Enjoy posting.

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Welcome @hanibal from another old fart but not quite as old as you, you old fart. :rollonfloorlaughing: @super_ram will be pleased you have joined, he was the oldest fart on here before.


To be honest there are more young farts on here than old one's but obviously someone on Mad has got the wrong idea of this site.


Hope you enjoy.

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@hanibal - Our age ranges span from young to mature, anyone who calls us oldies really doesn't have a clue what they're talking about. I'm twenty six, so that's hardly 'old' and I'd rather focus on ourselves rather than convince people we're a growing site on the up.

Also, how can you compare a site which is still in it's early days? Especially to one which has been around since the dinosaurs? @super_ram should find that funny.

Welcome to Pride of Nottingham, I hope you stick with us. Yes, there's a lot to learn and we have slow days but really we're a community, I try my utmost to deliver the very best and I am sure that with more people, this site will be more enjoyable for a mix of people. I would also like to see us in the Championship, yet I am content with surviving and playing in which ever league Notts finds themselves.

See you around our community.

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hanibal welcome to pon, we are just a community and unless people join in, i mean join in and post then you wont get what the site is about. you will mix straight in around here, pleased you joined.


ps. i am 17 and i type from my tablet/phone, so please excuse my grammar etc.

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The fact that you have joined us speaks volumes, you will no doubt make your own mind up but join in. Keep open minded and you will have!

Believe it or not, this is my first Notts forum.

I will not be leaving, so welcome.

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This old fart is pleased to welcome you @hanibal.Age doesn't matter on here.Just take a look around the site and hopefully you'll find something you like and maybe you'll join in the fun.Feel free to start your own discussions. :thumbsup:

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Welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy it here.

I've not been a member of mad myself but have heard and seen alot of comments/posts on there which would convince me to not join.

We are certainly not a group of old farts... theres alot of young fans on here too.

We enjoy each others banter and contributions no matter how old we are.

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