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Magic magpie

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So we all know the date and time and location of when our league 2 promotion hopes crashed and burned last seaon. We know how it happened..but you know what that’s past, that’s gone. 

This seaon we have bounced back keeping faith in Kevin Nolan, which I feel is more than justified .He may hate losing and have a mouth on him, but he cares. He is passionate and that for me ticks all the boxes. 

We finally have an owner who is prepared to spend to bring in quality players. Alan doesn’t always act the way he should but he wants to be with County, he wants to bring the good times back. So I think it’s time to entrust in Alan, he ain’t like the past owners that’s a fact. 

This seaon we have young team with heart and determination mixed with exspirence whom just want to play and love to play the game. I believe in these players .Yeah they make errors and mistakes but so what, they are human not super hero’s. Like most of you I’m a season ticket holder.A proud season ticket holder but that’s because I love Notts. I love the ground, the people I go with. It’s become one of my favourite places.

We are one at the end of the day .We can be angry if they don’t do well. We can be annoyed .We have the right, but at the end of the day as fans. 

Everything is in place for a great season. Let’s get behind the lads now and roar them on because we win as one and fall as one ...  

Because this is not my lane this is not my magpies 






And Pon is the icing on the cake @Chris 


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6 hours ago, TheSkipper said:

Fans will have different opinions, see matches alternatively and PON will need to respect this unlike what happens on social media. I should be a big season, so no wonder a lot of things are creeping out of the woodwork but lets try to enjoy it.

People do have different opinions mate but I fully intend to enjoy it mate I can’t wait for the season 

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1 hour ago, liampie said:

looking forward to saturday, i have decided i wont miss it for the world and will go even if i struggle.

Why are you struggling @liampie are you not well? Hope you make it mate.

@Magic magpie great speech mate, should be pinned up in the dressing room.

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Just now, liampie said:

would rather not say on here, thanks tho

@liampieSorry mate, I didn’t want to pry. 

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