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  1. Would that be the old Magpies pub on Daleside Road? I used to go in there before home games as it was just at the end of Meadow Lane. The site is now a KFC & Harley Davidson garage.
  2. I have many happy memories of this pub as it was was our regular Friday after work haunt in the early 90s when my old company had an office on Highfield's Science Park. We used to finish at 5:30 and around 20 of us would descend on the place for a couple of hours.
  3. Most season's the fans will pick a new whipping boy and it looks as though it's DKE's turn. The only way it will change will be for him to find some form and put it some solid performances for several weeks. It doesn't help that he has been one of the players to blame for several goals conceded this season and the fact that he is not playing very well.
  4. Expected to see the White Hart in Arnold on the list to be honest. I used to go in there a fair bit back in the 90s. Now has a Lidl on the site. Same with the Porchester Arms on Woodborough Road, a place I often visited in my early 20s.
  5. if they went in a straight line, they could be flying further. Plus it is preferable to fly over land.
  6. Didn't watch it as I find England qualifying matches a bit boring to be honest. I'll only watch them against top sides or in tournaments.
  7. Not a fan of Watermelon, Lychees or Grapefruit, but I will eat nearly all other fruit, with Apple (Cox's & Pink Ladies especially), Bananas and Raspberries being my favourites.
  8. Correct! But what about on Gammon (still a bit weird imo)?
  9. Personally, I'm happy with either a Cameron/Lacey or Cameron/Rawlinson combination with Slocombe in goal. It's a bit of a quandary for me as to what formation to be honest. My issue with three at the back and two wing backs is that it forces our chief attacking missile in Roberts to play inside and he is far better out wide, but it would enable Taylor to play wing back and get forward, but then I also don't feel that Brindley is that great as a wingback. I prefer a flat back four, but I'm not sure of Taylor in a four defensively and I'm struggling to warm to Chicksen. He does some good stuff, but then will suddenly lose the plot for no reason. All in all, I think we have a balance problem across the back, not helped by missing a ball winning midfielder like Bishop or Yates and a goal scorer. There are too many "but then/if's" with this squad.
  10. No, send them both back when their loans expire as neither are better than players we already have. I would have Slocombe every day of the week over Patterson and the same goes for any of our 3 centre backs over Brennan. I would rather we brought in a high energy midfielder or striker personally.
  11. Sorry @upthepiesbut you cannot compare Cameron to one of the most iconic centre halves that Notts have ever had who went up against some proper hardmen of the game.
  12. @Super_Danny_AllsoppFor some reason Burchnall will only play Rawlinson when desperate as he doesn't fit in with his passing style, even though he is exactly the sort of defender needed. Lacey has shown that he needs that dominant force by the side of him as he cannot lead. DKE was all over the place looking at the goals and I have serious concerns over the goalkeeper's positioning and body language. He's not on his toes, he just stands there and does not look confident at all, we might as well have recalled Brookes. Brennan also is just not good enough for this league, OK on the ball but can't tackle, or head it effectively. Ship both the kids back and find some experience from a lower league club.
  13. Cornwall in August, hated it as it seemed that 3 parts of the country also chose it as their holiday destination that week. Came back and booked two holidays abroad for next year straight away.
  14. Stayed off social media last night because I was that angry, I might have written something I would later regret, but I’m still fuming over 24 hours later. People can sugar coat this as much as they like , but there are two things that Football radar cannot measure (even if the stats of these players can make great reading), passion and bottle. Most of these players have neither, in fact only Cameron appears to have the aggression needed for this league. Add that into the fact that we must have the smallest side in the league and the total is that we are going nowhere. To capitulate from 2-0 up against 10 men is scandalous, especially after Saturday’s fiasco. If this happens again, the manager can pack his bags and he can dump the Football Radar idea in the bin on the way out.
  15. Must admit that I'm with @Elite_pie on this one. No player should be fatigued at this stage of the season when the pitches are in excellent condition and they are training full time. If anything, you would expect a semi-pro player to be more tired as the games go on because they aren't training full time and are at smaller clubs with fewer facilities. So against these players and teams we should expect Notts players to be fitter, even if the coach does not put such an importance on it. Fair enough if a player is carrying a knock as they will be struggling more, but anybody who is fully fit should not be fatigued in September.
  16. We're missing a goal scoring striker and a midfielder by the look of how things have started. Desperate for a forward passing midfielder to play alongside Palmer, who can get up and down the pitch and give the opposition something else to worry about. At the moment, it's a case of stop Wootton, Roberts and Ruben and you have pretty much stifled Notts as an attacking force. We need to be more creative and not having a second goal scorer pretty much extinguishes any plan B we can try.
  17. Personally thought that Lovett in goal was their best player. Wasn't afraid to come for crosses, safe hands and good positioning. The rest of the side worked hard without really doing anything.
  18. Don't think the Aldershot fans were too enamoured with Searle to be honest, accusing him of being a stuck record and never saying anything different (reminds me of somebody we had). Unlucky though in my eyes as the budget had been slashed for this season, so keeping them up should have been their main focus. Also think it is a bit crass of Aldershot to have a new manager lined up straight away, shows this has been arranged for a while in the background so no results were going to save him.
  19. City have never been a massive club and were never really a member of the big six until the money arrived and they replaced Everton. Traditionally at Maine Road, they only used to get around 25-30000 fans through the door (since all seater), but saying that they have been averaing over 50K since Pep arrived. United, Liverpool and Arsenal are the three biggest clubs in the country and I can't see that changing for a lot of years. Chelsea and City may be currently richer, but their money will disappear eventually.
  20. If you ban heading in football, then the game is done. It will only be played by small, quick and super agile players, there will be no need for the big lumps at the back. On the plus side, Notts would at least be at an advantage as we haven't been able to defend set pieces for years!
  21. I think we'll probably start with a 5 again but feel that we look better with a flat back four and it will make us more effective for home games. Home game against average opposition, so it's imperative that we win really if we are going to be serious this season. Home draws will do us no favours at all.
  22. I think looking at the the stats for players like Cal and Ruben would make me angrier than if they remain excluded to be honest. I would want them to have at least equal status to Messi & Ronaldo and higher than Neymar or Mbappe!
  23. Thoroughly enjoyable second half once we reverted to a back four, put Roberts out wide and brought Mitchell on. I think Mitchell could be a very good signing, once he learns to make the right decisions. Roberts has to play wide for me, he seems a bit lost inside and is nowhere near as effective. Full credit to Aldershot as well for trying to win a game of football fairly. I thought Andrews took both of his goals well after totally scuffing a couple of chances earlier. No catering facilities at all in the Family stand this week, we had to go over to the main stand in order to get a drink before the game.
  24. I thought JOB was onside at the time as it was straight in front of me, really bad decision by the lino. Not seen the Kelly-Evans one again, as it looked a free ball but I was at the opposite end of the pitch.

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