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2020/21 season thoughts, feelings and expectations


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How happy are you with the way this season has gone so far?

With 5 games remaining I think Notts has done well to manage the injuries and COVID issues with postponements. I do feel the Neal Ardley situation could have been handled better, he should've been given the rest of the season but I think Ian Burchnall can still finish inside the playoffs. I find it hard to say what I would have one differently, I think Ardley could have done better to strengthen the strike force in hindsight. In addition to replacing Caper Sloth who walked, I think if he stayed we might have had a bit more about us in midfield.

I still feel that the players can put the poor results behind them and crack on with finishing in the playoffs.

That would be my minimum expectation I think but I wont call Burchnall if this does not happen. I just hope he gets the balance with the squad right and retains as many of the good players the club has without re-starting all over again.

Most fans should be content enough with how things have gone I feel.

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its almost the same old season with notts, but things have been handled differently. i cant say its worse or better, truth in probably somewhere in the middle. i am disappointed that we could not given neal ardley until the end of the season, i dont think we was doing that bad and performance did take a slump but nobody knows what caused that. i will be happy with a playoff finish or just beneath, i just wished some fans could learn to be optimistic instead of destructive.

ian burchnall seems to be picking up, michael doyle might have been the best person to assist with seeing out the season.

its not something i felt confident about but a good performance against sutton, then barnet it gives some hope. i think we have a good squad, just areas need reinforcing and maybe another natural goal scorer.

kristian dennis and wes thomas are hard players to replace, but it would be worth looking.

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Content enough, I just want to see the performances improve over the remaining games as it will be a relief with Ian Burchnall's appointment. Most fans should be be happy enough, if the playoffs are reached then its two seasons back to back. Also, it might be better going into them being out of favour.

No complaints from me just need aquadate depth and quality next season, a few work horses wouldn't go a miss either.

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It’s tough to call right now as the season is on a knife edge.

At first I was against the sacking I thought Ardley deserved the season too, but now IB has had some time to work with the players we’re showing signs of being able to play through a high press - something that never looked likely under Ardley. And we played the top 2 sides recently and looked good against them both. So I've been impressed with the progress he's now made.

Even without a manager change I think we would be about where we are now but now under IB I feel if we get over the line (I think we will) we've got more chance winning them. Would I be happy about another season in the NL? No not really but would it be what we deserve? Considering we’ve never been in the top two, yeah probably.

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I for one am soooo glad we sacked Ardley. Yes, he was a nice bloke. Yes, he stayed over the covid and the change of owners. No, he couldn't do anything else with the team. His philosophy of defend first became so boring to watch and it was obvious the players had lost interest. When appointed, I said IB would turn things around. He has the hallmark of a great coach imo. The last three wins have seen what he can do when given the time. Having Doyle as assistant has only helped that. Helped the players buy into the style of play. A blind man can see the difference in style. Not just the confidence that a few wins brings, but genuine, attacking football. I personally am not sure about 3 at the back long term, but it is serving IB and the current crop of players well so why mess with it.

I hope the season keeps rolling for us and we steam roller over teams on the way to playoff win, but can't wait to be back in the ground, watching a team that IB has put together himself.



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Notts have under achieved this season. Having said that, we are now seeing exactly what the team are capable of. If Notts had played like this all season, we'd have won the league at a canter. Let's get to the playoffs and take it from there. 

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I don't take the season for granted, it's what it is for a reason and I am perfectly happy.

I still think giving Neal Ardley to the end of the season would've made better sense, but Ian Burchnal could've been hired by this point and right now with Michael Doyle assisting him - things have largely turned around. This doesn't mean Burchnall is our saviour but it does show that he's progressing nicely, perhaps the players have bought into his ideas? It could've been down to time.

As I say, I am happy. I realise it takes time to bring success.

Ardley gave us some solid foundations to move forward, Burchnall doesn't require a lot of additions to the team. The core is solid for this level, we just need actual depth and quality in every area. Younger, pacer legs too. 

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Ardley did give us a solid foundation. A year ago. In the last four months of his reign we were flat-lining. 
Of course it took a few weeks for IB to look at what he actually had. Find out where the motivation was needed.

Not saying it’ll be all roses from now on, but I believe he is a better coach overall. More forward thinking and definitely better to adapt to modern football.

His game substitutes show he can adapt on the fly.

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It could be better, Notts could be top of the league and already crowned champions. Am I content? Yes, I am pleased with the progress and I do feel Neal Ardley would've turned it around but that's not the case now. Ian Burchnall has come in and with Michael Doyle has made a positive change.

Finishing in the playoffs would be nice, going in as underdogs to some degree and reaching the final even better.

Finishing outside is fine too, I know everybody has done the best that they could and no result this season can be taken for granted. Onwards and upwards!

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