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    The Nottinghamshire FC thing must have been bait, you can't really suggest two teams merge and choose that as a rational 'suggestion' for the clubs name. And besides, we are quite happy (as will Forest fans). Our problem is more with the direction our owners have been leading the two clubs, luckily for us we have been taken over but I couldn't imagine any of my red friends would think differently. Many opposition fans speak of how much history Notts have, again same for Forest but together? There would be no meaning. It simply wouldn't be the same.
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    Alan Hardy will soon learn some fans will just complain (whether right or wrong), also that some people will just want something in return because someone else has gotten another deal. I don't care remotely about that, though I do understand why some fans have expressed concern. Personally, I just want to see Meadow Lane buzzing and busy. Hopefully this will keep the peace but some tweets I have seen are just amusing.
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    He is going so I've heard. Who can blame him? He obviously has an issue (like we all do) with Guy Branston and how much influence he has on players etc and by the sounds of his interview he has already had enough of the merry go round that we have become. The only saving grace might be that we are a league club, can't see any other positive.
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    I like Cooper's honesty and approach, it's refreshing - I'm not sure all will like it but from the fans perspective it shows that we and the manager see things the same. I hope he does field some of the youngsters, yet we should be wary of rushing them but there's certainly little harm in giving them a run. Tell it like it is Mark! In the words of @magpiejue 'show 'em what your made of'. COYP
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    The football at times has been good but confidence, fitness and work rates haven't been good enough. I am convinced that the teams good enough, they just need to realise and work on what is holding them all back. It's mostly individual errors on the pitch. I feel there's more to the issue but I don't think the club speaking about overspending helps, the players may be worried about that.
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    Fingers crossed Forte is a doubt because he's a good striker. We could have done with him here but the budget needed adjusting I suppose, it should be a good game.
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    @Who r ya?? You Pies!! I feel the same way. I have come to realise that my disappointment is more a reflection of my desire to see a stable Notts County, if Harry Kewell can get Notts playing attacking football focused on retaining the ball it could help - it all depends on him and the squad now. No blame from here should fall on Kevin Nolan.
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    Where did it go wrong? Refusing to play Jonathan Forte is where I would say things began but failing to buy a striker during the 2017/18 season seems to have impacted things. I would like to think Forte would have done better with a younger striker to support him. Good write up @samwatto2008.
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    Great article @Lozzle1 Of course KN needs time and plenty of it(And so does Frank Lampard with my lot).A similar situation at both of my teams- loads of new faces,injuries hampering a more settled team selection.different tactics etc etc..IT WILL all eventually come together and when it does the moaners will still find something to moan about!
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    At last Notts and the fans have something to be optimistic about. After years in the doldrums with false promises, dire ownership and excuses for managers we have fresh air blowing through Meadow Lane. In Alan Hardy we have a fan as the owner, someone with a great business head to guide the club, not with blind optimism, but with a common sense plan to keep us solvent whilst creating a fantastic platform for the future. we know we are on the right track when people from the other side of the Trent come creeping out of the woods with either condescending pats on the head or demeaning references to our league position. Yes, at last we have something to be optimistic about.
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    I hope the wheelbarrow hasn't broken yet again, it does seem we are our own worst enemy at times. Promotion is possible, yet it will take fighting on the pitch and just for the club to focus on what works. This really shouldn't be our undoing, yet the players and Kevin Nolan need to sing from the same sheet. It would be disappointing if we didn't try to fight for promotion, yet just surrendered.
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    They played okay, they didn't outclass us at all. Second half we made them look silly, it's just a shame that we didn't stick to attacking and instead made a few iffy errors at the back. Yet we was the better team.
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    I had a bit of a go in my comments after the Crewe game, regarding the long ball game which clearly wasn't working. Crewe were expecting Stead and Ameobi to start, and had set their stall out accordingly, so constant long high balls aimed towards Forte and Alessandra were easy for Crewe to deal with. It was frustrating to watch. Kevin Nolan might not like the criticism but I pay my money to travel up and down the country to cheer the team on, so I reserve the right to have a moan if I'm not happy with what I've seen.
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    There's some good call player wise, certainly people who could add depth to the ranks. I personally hope if we have the 100k talked about when Notts chased Noble, that we use it to buy-in some solid additions. I know, there are fans who think it's silly money. However, I believe it could be a wise investment. I have no issue with Notts selling and replacing players, I'd rather see them go for a fee than on a free. So certainly having players that are good enough to walk straight into our squad would be a massive thing in terms of depth. Yet I can't see Toni Martinez coming out on loan. Great read mate!
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    We seem to make signings on Fridays....will tomorrow be Good Friday?????
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    Little bit upset at the moment as this will be the last edition of meet the fans this season. Always something to look forward to after the match great to see real fans speaking the truth. And the production is fantastic Here's to next season
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    alan hardy presents a nicer vibe around the club, its not all sunshine and smiles or trying to form arguments where they are none. perhaps ah has the right focus?
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    I would agree entirely and "simply allowed the game to pass him by" sums it up well. I'd love to know how many touches he had in the game.
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    im glad hes enjoying it, it takes a lot of hard work and despite one mistake imo. i think fans will come round. as i said in the forum i am going to purchase a ticket, mostly because i trust ah and i think he will spend it wisely. i hope more fans calm down and jump on board.
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    Things have improved and the results speak for themselves, does Nolan need the award? No. Would it be nice? Of course but he will be focused on winning games regardless.
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    Very good read, it gives an exile a greater insight into last Saturday's game.
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    I was either in year 5 or 6 during this season (I think it was the latter). First real season where I had witnessed Notts play well and actually looked much better than the majority of teams in any of the divisions. I mean I saw them beat teams when we was in the old Division 1 (Championship) but we wasn't a team which was flying - bar one year when we was near the top. Yet this campaign I thought we would be able to push on, then we all know what happened.
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    It sounds like he understands it's about improving, if he does impress Neal Ardley should give him a chance but it seems hard to see how it will happen with the players available at the moment.
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    I have to admire his belief, it's looking grim but if the players see that fans are behind them who knows? Positive message from someone on social media.
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    Yes you can pick any one of the A3/A4 prints on the store depending on which prize is won @heraldmagpie.
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    As ever brilliant watch , ya bang on with your review, for me January is absolutely huge , but ya know what that support in the face of adversity was immense, well done everyone proud of you , that same defiance and unity and togetherness needs to translate to the team , can move mountains that , COYP , indeed , all Notts aren’t we .
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    “There are girls I know from that team who had no family support in the area and never found a team again.” It isn’t AH responsibility to pay a player to live out their dream when they obviously aren’t good enough. So much wrong with that article......
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    Firstly it is a great article by @samwatto2008. I would of liked to see Kevin Nolan have a bit more time in charge but, can see why he has gone. I also agree that automatic promotion is gone now. However, with the players we do have I still believe that we can make play-offs. It will not be easy but, I still have hope.
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    Proper enjoyed watching that , lots of work to do it I guess , so well done from me , COYP well earned replay anything can happen, agree 4 4 2 is better , great performance made me proud , we're the black and white army
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    It's good to see this type of thing, we really must encourage friends and family and hopefully we can lift the gates back up to a very respectable standard one day. Well done Hardy and Notts!
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    It sounds like Swindon fans are unhappy with whom they have in charge. How long until he's sacked?
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    brill article! there are several players i would love to see signed mentioned here.
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    i have to agree with @upthepies that its nice to see him speak so fondly of the fans, tho i think people should try harder to encourage all the players not just those who do well. we might be a better team on the pitch without the abuse!
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    I seem to recall Jon doing well with Millwall, though it looks like we are opting for experience and established coaches - rather than unknowns. This really is the way forward for the academy which I believe will soon be producing the players we require to fill our squad (provided they are given support and playing time).
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    I think GK is our struggle point in the team. Collin does not communicate well and always seems to be having arguments with Richard Duffy. However having that young 18 year old keeper Smithard I think it is could be gamble as a substitute now Loach has left. As exciting the prospect is of tying down a young keeper to the club, can he step up to the big time if Collin becomes injured? We shall see
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    this is brilliant! i really like how the two sets of fans have forged friendship and i know that @Chris is one of those that are proud of the friendship. it was also good to see @weymouthPIE having made the trip. it all seems very surreal mind, juve honoring us and continuing to form a friendship. it gives us hope that we might one day play them at meadow lane.
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    i would also rather see more new signings arrive that will be able to settle in nolans notts squad.
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    If you strive for success the foundations are paramount. I truly believe that the club can be successful under Alan Hardy, provided we have a manager at the elm who he can work with and support. We have this with Kevin Nolan, so we just need to work hard on identifying the right players and reducing some of the current crop who sadly haven't made the grade. Notts would bring confidence if we had a squad whereby fans felt everyone could contribute. All capable of having runs in the first team, if any fail to meet the high standard we should ensure someone else is given the chance and have people truly fighting for their place in an environment which doesn't adds silly pressure but keeps players on their toes.
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    A game I'm really looking forward to can't wait , should be a good game with two in form teams , got to say I'm as excited for the atmosphere , love it when the Lane is rocking , let's hope for the biggest crowd of the season , coyp
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    It was just toxic around Meadow Lane under the Trews. The whole debt went to their head and the way the club was being ran, there was no doubt we would be a conference team. I am surprised by how quickly things have changed. Hard work will do that but it just shows you how poorly we have been under operation. Good read Joe.
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    It's not Hewitt, it's his own defender DS. Elliot Hewitt leans forward whilst the defender behind him has his hands around his stomach/middle area, the keeper holds the defender. It's a crafty trick but I can see why poor officials could be fooled, this doesn't make it right but more blame should be placed on Doncaster's keeper and defender.
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    Really enjoyed reading this excellent piece @DangerousSausage.Hope there are more to follow.
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    Good news regarding 'experienced manager', hopefully the new managers assistant will have similar wealth of knowledge. We need a duo who can get out out of this mess.
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    Haha! Don't do that, I've already admitted he's proved his worth and how I was wrong. That said we shouldn't be relying on because if he gets injured who will score the goals we require to win games? So far, Jon Stead is our main outlet and without him on fire - we wouldn't be doing so well. PS. I recall Ray posting on MAD recommending fans make suggestions regarding talent, I wonder if he would ask us to do it now?
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    Well the league table doesn't put anywhere else than where you deserve to be , over the season we sadly haven't been good enough , agree the sale of the club could do with being sorted asap .
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    Haha! 'fans'. I think we should add 'and manager' because Cooper's spoke quite highly about him - including the in which he trains hard. The JF v Aborah thing should have been avoided, any manager would have but soft balls, chances to play him and selecting him for the bench when it's claimed 'he refused to play' would hardly work in your favour (JF not you NNF).
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    I hope JF signs a CB and releases a few players. This weekend's results haven't been so bad, we can still gain places and ignore this Saturday but the performances must come. Speaking to @Dan Mansfield didn't play very well either, so our game against each other will probably be more crucial to both sides.

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