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Is Neal Ardley the right man for the Job.?

Magic magpie

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So Notts county are on their 3rd manager in as many months. First it started with the sacking of Kevin Nolan, when County fell into the relegation zone and didn’t perform well enough. 

Then Harry Kewell whom came with a price tag from Crawley and the desire to change this and keep Notts county in league two.  

Now the hiring of Neal Ardley the manager who not only saved afc Wimbledon from relegation but got them promoted to league one. 

So my question is this- is Neal Ardley the right man to save Notts County, is he the right man for the job.?

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I hold no judgement of him at the moment, I am encouraged by certain signs but he is making some mistakes. This is all apart of the learning curve and his task is difficult, I think he's the right man but he needs to learn fast.

The formation could work, yet for me he needs to figure out how to make the defence more responsible without making us part the bus.

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Hes made slight bit of an improvement already with a squad he didnt make and now hes got a chance to pick players better suited to his type of play and with more capabilities, so really we've not got much chance of judgement at the moment.

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Neal Ardley has a permanently worried look on his face, which makes him a perfect fit for Notts.

I believe he's doing as well as anyone can under the circumstances, but if you ship three goals every week you're not going to achieve much. He needs time to turn us around, if anyone thinks there is going to be a quick fix they can forget it.

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There's some idiots on social media isn't there? Why can't this question be asked without people acting like two year olds.

I think Neal Ardley is the right man but he needs to get with the programme a bit more, if Harry Kewell tried some of the silly decisions Ardley some would be trying to riot. However, I do feel he's got an idea and has a plan. I also feels the type of person Notts needs, yet he should be mindful of parking the bus.

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If Neal Ardley doesn't save Notts, all these people moaning about this question on social media and acting like children will be doing what? Hurling abuse no doubt.

I think he's the right man but if Notts goes down, it's due to sacking Kevin Nolan.

Who made that happen? The people calling for Nolans head. 👍😒

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