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outside of football what other interests do you have?


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i was thinking that pon needed to have a good chat based discussion, so i have been thinking about what i might be able to post. it came to me we never really talk about out interests outside of football.

my question is what other interests do you have outside of the beautiful game?

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Watching wrestling. Been a big fan of it since around 2007. I still watch WWE but the product is tripe at the minute so I prefer NJPW. 

Gaming. Play a lot of PS4. WWE 2K19 and FIFA 19 are the two I would say I play the most. Just started a Wimbledon career mode in Fifa. However Fifa this year is not that great and it doesn't feel like any effort has gone into it. The demo was good and then they just went to back to Fifa 18 and wrote a 9 on the cover. Wwe 2k19 is the best wwe wrestling game there has been in many a year. 

Obviously spending time with my girlfriend and family as well. Me and @Megs_a_million are off to Skegness next August for a week 

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Sport wise I play a fair amount of football and I like to keep fit so I also go Swimming 2/3 times a week and slowly building back my fitness to be able to start going 5 times a week.

In my social life though I love going down to Meadow Lane even if we are complete trash right now. I also go out drinking a lot and enjoy going out to pubs and stuff. Like trying different beers, spirits etc.

I also like playing PS4 an playing story game something like Red Dead Redemption 2 or GTA 5. Something that you can progress and work through but also upgrade at the same time.

I watch an unhealthy amount of Youtube too but I would say I have a fair balance in everything I do socially so I enjoy my hobbies :) Good thread @liampie

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I am so caught up with PON and my other sites that many of my hobbies get neglected.

I want to take up writing poetry, I have always wanted to release a book of my work and I think I could. If anyone knows the poem I write about Notts 'Our club, our passion' you will have seen my words in motion. When I'm not working on the sites, I tend to play with the kids or help them with things depending on how I feel. I like playing on the PS4, at the moment I am doing a career mode managing Notts.

Walking, listening to music and watching films are very popular with me too.

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you forgot baking and making pizzas @Chris. ;)

i like walking too, chilling out, i work a lot especially now and my main hobbies involve watching tv or films which sounds quite boring. i am not a creative person, so cooking and stuff like that goes out the window. i go for bike rides almost daily too, just to get out and explore the nearby area.

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I play football on Sunday's in a team, so we train twice a week and that is my main interest outside of Notts.

I like gaming and watching YouTube, posting on here and a couple of other sites. I read a lot of books and watch films, I enjoy both but prefer reading a good book if I am honest.

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I like reading books, I have a huge book shelf filled with novels and history books handed down over time from my family. It's something I would like to pass down but youngsters today don't seem to enjoy physical books as much.

Gardening is another passion of mine, keeping my home tidy is important.

I enjoy other sports such as cricket, tennis and athletics.

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