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Betting and Betting Sponsorships?


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Just something to spark a discussion. I want to know if anyone bets on the football on weekends and if so who do you bet with? I also want to know if you agree with betting companies sponsoring football teams like us with Ladbrokes a few years ago or if you're completely against it. If so why?

For anyone interested I bet with SkyBet but have accounts with Betfair and PaddyPower. I bet every weekend because I think it enhances the football fun on a weekend. It has it's ups and downs and you always have to remember the saying 'There is never a poor bookie'. However I think it's fun and if you're just betting what you can afford to lose then it can become quite fun and exhilarating when you finally land a big winner.

I also agree with betting sponsorship. It's been apart of football for decades and I don't think having SkyBet on the front of a shirt would make me want to bet with them. It's kind of hypocritical if anyone disproves of this because we play in a league called SkyBet League Two. I do see both sides to the story but their is plenty of other sponsors that could cause controversy. I for one also agree with alcohol sponsors. Maybe an alternative sponsor for U18's shirts would be ideal just like Notts did a few seasons ago.

I don't think it promotes the product all that much to be honest. Man Utd's sponsor is Chevrolet but seeing their shirt won't make me go out and buy a Chevvy. I suppose it's different opinions and ideas but it will be interesting to hear feedback and to see if people bet and how often?

Let me know.

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If you don't spend more than you can afford and drink sensibly , I don't see any problem.Everything in moderation!. I used to do Littlewoods football pools pre National lottery days and, just like PoN's prediction league, it was great fun .I only ever won  moderate amounts but there was always the lure of  'a JACKPOT' and I only spent a couple of quid a week whatever.It's the same with fruit machines.Years ago, me and  @GrannyPie used to go to Alfreton Miners Welfare and we'd pool a couple of quid or so each on the on 'one armed bandits(Jackpot £100)Once  the money was gone we'd stop playing,even if the machine hadn't paid out for a while.Now before I moved to Nottingham I also used to go in The Welfare on a Monday night. I rarely went on the machines  then but there was a woman who ,each Monday ,would hog a machine and regularly spend  £20 or £30  or more  in the hope of 'hitting the Jackpot'I never saw her win big.There's the moral. .Spend what you can afford and have a bit of fun  but never  'Chase 'a big win and waste money in the hope of getting the jackpot

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 Just having a betting sponser on a shirt shouldn't mean that people are going to want to bet. It would be like seeing nappies in a shop and saying i must buy them.

If people are bothered about kids having the option of it on theirs, they tend to choose what colours they like not what logo it is, so i don't see it being a problem.

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10 hours ago, KingTurley said:

I can't bet yet, I am only 14 and seeing betting sponsors doesn't make me want to start.

Interesting, Do you like the look of the brands on shirts such as BETFRED on Bolton's shirt this season? 

I strongly believe in this quote as a lot of other people would say it makes people your age turn to gambling sooner rather than later but the fact that you've just said that makes my point to the argument stronger. Good to see though that you're a sensible teen and not wanting to start so soon. 

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I think it's alarming how the trends seem quick to chuck money into football, alcohol, betting etc - yet it doesn't bother me. I don't bet due to name or brand, I do it with reputable companies and the ones I have a good understanding of.

A few years ago, Notts had deals with like 4.

That was a joke because there's a confliction between them all. My other point is the fact that one company attracts another, then every team seems to have one of these on.

I don't think it's generally bad but it gets silly when it seems all focused on betting companies.

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Sponsorship is sponsorship, you either want the money or don't.

I have never understood why the Premier League was quick to ban alcohol as being a sponsor, yet allow betting and cigarette manufacturers. I am surprised a major vapour company hasn't blown smoke in the direction of one of the bigger clubs in a pale effort to attract a bigger following. I wonder if Carlsberg was an hit in the 90's within the red half of Liverpool? Probably not.

There we go.

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