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Is Neal Ardley falling into the blame game?

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Is Neal Ardley falling into the blame game, or is he too protective of his player?

Ardley has started to sound a manager who is on the ropes with regards to his managerial career, rather than accepting fault and moving on. He seems to be focusing on excuses, example blaming this mysterious side of Notts that want to see the club fail. His recent comments about the Northampton game flatters them, he admits frustrations and actually pin pointed some of the blame [without naming names] but will he start to make changes?

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at the moment he just sounds like every other manager.

i feel he might be feeling the pressure, but its himself who has said that it would be disappointing not to make the playoffs. i wonder how many of the players feel we are ready for this? i am more than happy to have a season of mediocre football, i think most just want to see the club giving 100% on the pitch. ardleys biggest fault right now is not addressing the form issue and the negative tactics.

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I do think Neal Ardley makes some good points, however, often there's no sign of them being addressed.

He's very protective of his players, I think some managers need to be this way - Ardley isn't a Warnock type character that can bollocks someone in order to get the best out of them. He works within his own limitations, which at the moment much of it does sound like excuses. Truth be said, we have a club, the pre-season was difficult and once again we have a completely new squad.

There will be ups and downs, which I don't think he helps himself with.

However, he's far from being the worst manager. His win rate means little, especially at this stage.

I just feel he needs to accept some of these tough decisions, and then get on with it.

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His post match reactions have been less interesting lately, I think he just needs to reflect more on the games afterwards. He might weight things up more if he did, as after the game his emotions will be high.

Compered to the message about looking for a response.....


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Who else can he blame but the players. He identified Northampton’s threats in his pre match presser and the players worked on nullifying them during the week. The players failed to carry out the plan AGAIN ....... didn’t start playing until we were chasing the game AGAIN. 

if fans spent as much energy getting behind him and the team as they do criticising he wouldn’t be feeling any pressure and the team might play with confidence from the kick off.

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I want Neal Ardley to succeed. I've always liked the cut of his jib. He sees the game as we do, he's honest in his assessment. When it comes to signing players you can generally see a clear logic behind it. But he's putting himself under pressure through his stubbornness.

The situation he found when he took over wasn't his fault. Results improved, but not enough. The mess that was pre-season wasn't his fault. He's built a surprisingly good team with alternatives in every area of the pitch. But this current run is his fault. Playing two holding midfielders in a 4-4-2 can work if you've got exceptional wingers or full backs who love to overlap. But it has made us slow and predictable and is not working. I don't blame a manager if he tries something and it doesn't come off, but I do if he does the same thing week after week after week and STILL doesn't make any changes to the team (apart from switching between Booty and Shields). And how demotivating must it be for the squad members who aren't getting picked however badly we play?

Picking the eleven who are best at training won't help us if they don't produce when points are up for grabs. It's time to shake up the team and let others show us what they can do.

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Most want Neal Ardley to succeed, but his comments and lack of actions don't help.

I do not feel he needs to always explain himself, yet some decisions to avoid changes are quite baffling. He needs to make some in the next league game, I worry he will for the Chesterfield game and then revert back to his favourites again thereafter.

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On 09/12/2019 at 20:08, DangerousSausage said:

Picking the eleven who are best at training won't help us if they don't produce when points are up for grabs. It's time to shake up the team and let others show us what they can do.

He must see something the fans aren't doing.

At some point it will cost him his job, but I think the new owners will keep him for this season. I want Neal Ardley to succeed, I don't see what the fans do who attend games but his interviews are now falling towards someone under pressure.

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I think hes getting some pressure off fans but not going to get fired by the new owners just yet. He needs to work on his player selection and tactics abit as sometimes its not really thought through based on the opposition.

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