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O'Brien's return rushed? A mistake??

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The return of Jim O'Brien would have been a boost to the squad, but I feel the decision is rash.

Now he's picked up another injury and that he's expected to be out for awhile, I think we could have given someone else the chance to start. Saving Jim for the league, I am sure Neal Ardley never thought it would result in an injury but is it not best to play safe?

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Perhaps a mistake in hindsight, however, I am sure Jim O'Brien would have wanted to play. It's frustrating, and unforunate more than anything.

The injury itself is just nasty.

It's been described as 'a cut', it isn't. There might be muscle damage, it's deep. Just look at this image shared by @Dan.


Ouch.... :(

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Did Neal Ardley have to play?

I would have given him chance to compete in a behind closed doors match, or a training session. The injury is no doubt an accident, but it does impact the team. Notts are now without Jim O'Brien when he could have brought his influence on the pitch.

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Like everyone else, it's an accident.

I personally wouldn't have started Jim O'Brien, this doesn't make it a mistake. I just feel the game had no importance and that we could have afforded him more time to recover. He could have come on as a sub, however Neal Ardley played him and he wouldn't have known this injury would happen.

It's a massive blow to the team.

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