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It’s been a while...

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Not really new as such. More of a revisit to an old friend!

Hope all is well here on PoN and everyone is enjoying, what is now, an excellent resource for Notts fans.

I hope to drop in a little more in the future to add my voice to the conversations.

Site is looking good and forum seems to be ticking along nicely so praise goes to all of you. The team behind PoN at the moment and the regulars who drop in daily, and also to the not so regulars who still make valuable contributions.

Best wishes one and all.

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It's good to see you back @hissingdwarf.

Things have been plodding along, we are still in some form of transition with changes but there's some great content. You'll be pleased to know about the topic feed that's been added since you last used PON - https://prideofnottingham.co.uk/topicfeed/

Hope you and your family are okay mate. Good to have our Hissy back. :D 

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Thanks for all the welcomes guys. As regards newer members, who don’t recognise me, as @Chriswill tell you, I was one of the original admin team here in PoN. It’s been great watching it grow, but I knew I couldn’t give it the support it needed all the time. 
We did have some great laughs at the beginning though, but, as in life, people move on. The original admin team drifted into our own lives a little and we left the heavy lifting to others. I returned for a wee while last year I think, at PoNs request, but was really busy with running for council. That didn’t work as as the whole council got wiped out by Indys!

Posted occasionally on MAD, but the constant off topic arguments led me back here to try and keep up to date with Notts stuff.

Local, season ticket holder in the DP right on the midline. Been going for about 43 years now me thinks.

Have known @Chris and his great family for a few years through PoN and glad to see it flourishing.

I will pop in when checking out news outlets, just to see people thoughts on life, the universe and everything.



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Welcome back to PON @hissingdwarf.

Pleased to see you have found your way back here, the community can only thrive with people will to share their thoughts here and there. Plenty of fans are now on, so you should find it a lot more enjoyable.

I miss the older days but you have to get on with now. 👍

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Post as and when you can, if you can't I am sure nothing will change in your absence. I tend to have spells where I step away from Notts but I always come back to PON because it's a quality website.

Welcome back to the fold @hissingdwarf.

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