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Lacey and Rawlinson's partnership


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Since Lacey signed we've had 8 league games, keeping clean sheets in 5 of them. He has also allowed Michael Doyle to have more freedom in the centre, so he doesn't have to keep coming deep to collect the ball and that helps us get going on the front foot.

Rawlinson looks a lot more confident bringing the ball out of defence and has been a rock this season. 

This begs the question, is there anyway back for Ben Turner into the starting x1 picture?

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I wouldn't break them up at this stage, Connell Rawlinson looks a lot better for me alongside Alex Lacey.

We shouldn't see Ben Turner with Lacey, but with my own doubts about Turners fitness I wouldn't switch it just yet. Save him for the more important games where his experience will help out more with him being 100%.

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I think Ben Turner is by far the most experienced defender the club has, I also prefer him over Connell Rawlinson.

The only downside for me about Turner/Rawlinson is the lack of pace at the back, Alex Lacey injects that and is a lot more quicker to respond than the other two. I kind of feel like Neal Ardley will give Lacey a break, returning to the old partnership.

I wouldn't mind it staying the same, or switching to Lacey/Turner.

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It's a better situation to have than missing players due to injuries or suspensions.

Ben Turner might be able to come in to give one or the other rest, who knows? Neal Ardley will have a plan I am sure. If he switches it up to 3 CB's, then he needs to make sure two of them remain back at all times.

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Ardley says players have to earn their place in the team, wait for an opportunity to claim the shirt. The Lacey/Rawlinson partnership is solid and shouldn’t be split up unless injury dictates. I have nothing at all against Turner but to split the current partnership up would be a big mistake and against Ardley’s own principles. 

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Neal Ardley may say that, but we know differently. He picks who he chooses and who he prefers, it's not always the best person.

I fully expect Ben Turner to return knowing what Ardley can be like.

I can't see him upsetting an experienced player like Ben Turner, Connell Rawlinson had spent a brief time on the bench before awhile back but I reckon Alex Lacey will be the one to suffer, if he doesn't see sense in keeping things as it is.

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Changing to three at the back would create more headaches as Dion Kelly-Evans for me would have to take one of the wing positions, and with Cal Roberts arriving I am unsure how it would work.

I would prefer to see Alex Lacey and Connell Rawlinson continue their incredible partnership.

Once Ben Turner is 100%, then it's time to reflect on the situation but until then the current duo have done nothing deserving to be dropped.

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I agree with a lot of what's been said, I think at the moment the Rawlinson & Lacey partnership is working a treat. When Turner got injured Lacey came in and did well and over the same period Rawlinson really shone, it felt like over the Christmas period there wasn’t a game when he didn’t finish with a bandage around his head!

I do think Turner has a lot to offer though, he would’ve been perfect at the weekend against Denton (even though we coped) and when teams do have a big target man upfront, he’s the obvious choice to mark them.

For me Rawlinson & Lacey would be my choice for the rest of the season, with the possible exception being against teams that have proper big man upfront, then I'd probably play Turner with one of them.

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Allegedly, Ben Turner has suffered another setback. I was just skimming Twitter and, came across a Nottingham Post link saying Neal Ardley is disappointed about the setback. It’s not a big issue, I noticed Ardley has mentioned not ruling loan signings.

Pierce Bird could cover if needed, I don’t think there’s a need for any more signings.

Its not a compliment to say Turner shouldn’t come straight back in. He’s been okay, but has visibly struggled at times. I’ve said for the most part of this season, he simply wasn’t 100% fit.

He’s very injury prone and, that’s why we probably got him.

When fully fit, he would be a strong contender to start but this will take time.

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Really enjoy watching Ben Turner play because he’s an old fashioned centre half imo, but would I change the current pairing? Nope. Not unless forced to through injury. The addition of Lacey has injected some much needed pace and ball playing ability to the back pairing. One of the best signings so far imo. 

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